Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pho Filet in El Monte

Pho with filet mignon. At first it sounds a bit strange. Pho = cheap. Filet mignon = pricey. But at these Vietnamese restaurants from San Gabriel to East LA, the result is still a cheap bowl of pho, kicked up a notch by the high quality of meat!

This was my first time meeting Wandering Chopsticks, who took Pleasure Palate and I to Pho Filet in El Monte.

Wanting to be adventurous and all, I ordered some pennywort shake (on the right). Wandering Chopsticks ordered the pennywort juice (on the left).
The pennywort shake also had mung beans in it, making it sweeter and less 'grassy'/'herby' than just the pennywort juice. WC said I should probably get that one, me being a pennywort-noob :P

This time we forgot to ask for the filet mignon on the side. Why would you want to do that? Because otherwise the filet mignon would get overcooked by the end of your meal, but if you order it on the side, then you can put it in one by one and you'll get a medium rare piece of filet mignon everytime!
The broth here tasted of more spice than most, which I really liked. And yes, you can definitely tell the upgrade on the meat!
Delicious, filling, and cheap. A bowl of pho here ranges from $5.50-$6 (depending on the type and number of different meats you get). For filet mignon? That's cheap! You can step up to a large bowl for $0.50 more.

For reviews of more dishes, and more food porn, filet mignon-style, check out Wandering Chopsticks' blogpost.

Pho Filet
9463 E Garvey Ave #A
South El Monte, CA 91733
(626) 453-8911

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I'm pretty sure the point of Pho Filet is their "pho bac" (northern style pho). It's one of the few pho joints in SGV that does a "pho bac", which is d'frent from the Southern style "embellished" pho which we're all so used to here in LA.

Kung Food Panda

I think I'm there....tonight! =)


Gpigs, it was nice meeting you. And I do love this place for my pho fix – I get the Pho Bac because of the ginger and wider rice noodles. The blood from the filet mignon really adds a nice beefiness to the broth.


TonyC and edbm: Thanks for the tip, I will be sure to get the pho bac next time!


hey man if you get the filet Mignon on the side, you could just squeeze lemon on top. and eat it raw. its ok because the acid from the lemon juice cooked the meat so it is ok to eat it like that. also u need to order an egg, tell them to take the egg white away leave the orange part inside the bowl, after they pour the soup into the bowl, so it half cooked. you can enjoy after the you finished with the noodles. trust me, it will be your best pho you will ever tasted.

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