Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Giveaway: All-purpose Cooking Sauce!

I had been asked by Country Bob's, a small company that makes signature all-purpose sauce, and other sauces such as bbq sauces etc, to hold a giveaway for a couple bottles of their All-Purpose Sauce!
(image taken from their website)

I didn't want to hold the giveaway without first trying out the product and reviewing it, so this took me a while ... Last week I finally invited my friends who helped me move a couple months back and told them I was cooking steak for them.

Bought a pack of rib eyes and a kiwi. Marinated the steaks in the sauce and the juices from a kiwi (It's supposed to tenderize the meat, or so I've heard). I wish I could marinate it longer, but I procrastinated as usual.
I didn't have a grill :( So I had to cook it in a pan. Add some brussel sprouts cooked with olive oil and potatoes, give the guys a bottle of beer, and voila! :P
Looks pretty good, I think :P Tasted pretty good too. Unlike other steak sauces, Country Bob's is on the sweeter side rather than the spicy. It still has a bit of spice to it, but I think this sauce would work very well for marinating rather than for dousing your meats. Our rib-eyes turned out well and we didn't need to put any sauce on top.

All you cooks out there, win a bottle and give them a try! :)
Just leave a comment below with your email/contact info, or if you're uncomfortable doing that, email it to me directly at

I will choose a couple of winners a couple of weeks from now!



Me me me!

eatien at yahoo dot com


That steak looks tasty. Expertly cooked, no doubt.


Hmm.. I'll have to try the kiwi trick next time! I've only heard of papaya as a tenderizer. Thanks for the tip!

H. C.

Any acidic fruit will help tenderize it a bit by breaking down the proteins a little -- but kiwi was what I used in my marinade when I made korean BBQ at home.


I know someone in my life that would love some extra sauce. Send it!

you know my email address


Those ribeyes look awesome! I've been eating seafood all week, and now you've got me craving some yummy red meat!

Here is my info for the drawing:

Thanks! Love your blog!


Love to cook and try new things. A win would be nice.


that steak looks damn good!


Ohhh!!! Free Sauce!!!


i would love to try this out for my next bbq! it's been a while since i've had some good steak. keep up the posts!



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