Friday, November 27, 2009

Fry Bread, Native American "Taco"

The past summer took Wandering Chopsticks and I to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. Near the heart of one of the earliest Native American major civilization, what type of food should we seek? Why, frybread of course.

If you don't already know it, frybread is flat leavened dough that is deep fried in oil (or even, occasionally, lard).

We were staying in a tiny town called Mancos and our motel owner directed us to a little place called Ted's Taco by the highway (Don't let the "taco" in the name throw you off, it's just that they call frybread "Indian Taco"). Apparently this place doesn't even have a real address
This being our breakfast before heading into the park, I eyed the egg-y item. I ordered the Camp Bread which was an "open-faced taco" of sorts, topped with eggs, cheddar, sausage, tomatoes, and onions, served with a side of salsa.
WC ordered the breakfast taco which was a similar item but not open-faced and had potatoes instead of tomatoes.

These are undeniably heavy breakfast items that spelled heart attack but were comfort food that hit the spot nonetheless. Given how much walking we were going to do later that day, these gave us plenty of much needed energy!

Ted's Taco
south of Hwy 160 next to Log Cabin Liquor (41900 Highway 160)
Mancos, CO
(970) 759-5764
Daily 6am-9pm
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Wandering Chopsticks

Mmm. The fry bread sure was a good. We did so much hiking that day that I'm sure we worked off all those calories. Or I hope we did! ;)


This looks so nummers! Mr. Monkey and I totally ordered the same thing as you guys did while in Mesa Verde, BTW -- the bison sausage and the fry bread taco. It was a no-brainer!

Lori Lynn

I love local finds in tiny towns. Great post.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Bianca @southbay rants n raves

I've always been meaning to try this & then I forget to!

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