Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crispy Tripas at Rambo's Taco Truck

Kogi fanatics missed out on a real LA taco truck gem when they waited in the hour-long line just one block away from Rambo's Tacos in Eagle Rock.
For only $1.25 per taco (no tax, as Taco trucks should do) and no line, my choice was clear.

Tripas (tripes) at Rambo's have a crunchy outer layer while still chewy inside. They're topped with hot, hot red salsa. These are the things to go for at Rambo's both the sauce and the meat.
I did hear they have off days with their tripas, but on my visits there they have always been excellente. Inconsistency is a vice, I know, but when they're having a good day the tripas are soo good, definitely worth a try.
They do run out of tripas though, so go early for them.

If you missed out on the tripas, they also have cabeza for some fatty cheek meat (below), or the regular carne asada and carnitas.

Rambo's Tacos
Corner of Eagle Rock and York Blvd
(approximately: 4250 Eagle Rock Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90041
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Rambo's Taco Truck in Los Angeles



i'm glad you blogged this place. I guess I've never gotten around to blogging about it though it's been my mainstay taco truck for years now. the tripas are definitely hit or miss, but the hits are awesome. i have so many photos from my evenings spent at rambo's, even some on b&w film. I should post about it soon.


I was hoping for a Stallone pic.

Ravenous Couple

totally agree...Kogi= way over hyped.


Just seeing this taco truck brought back memories of when my mom & I would go from time to time! I must find a taco truck here in the South Bay area!!

99 Cent Chef

Love this truck, I like the al pastor too. Here is a video I shot of their "Rambo" mural on my food blog - mindbending cool! http://is.gd/4TvkB

Kung Food Panda

Probably my Favorite taco truck in LA so far. The trips as you stated are excellent! Nice and crispy @ $1.25, what's better than that?? Seriously, take a pass on Kogi. Bleh!


We came to Rambo as part of our ghetto goodies marathon. Matt said the tripas are scooped out of this big bucket of lard in the back. Oh, and if consistency is an issue, Matt said to try to order them "dorada," I think, for crispy golden.


What hours is Rambos Taco Truck there?

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