Sunday, June 6, 2010

Preview: Upcoming Nameless Restaurant in Downtown LA

There was a nameless underground supper club in downtown associated with Daily Dose Coffeehouse. It may still be nameless, but soon it will no longer just an underground supper club.
The supper club maintained by developer Sarkis Vartanian, Chef Christian Page, and Ran Zimon is about to go public. Soon, the loft upstairs at Industrial St will be open up to serve prix-fixe multi course dinners (priced around $35) and simple breakfast and lunches at the coffeehouse downstairs.
They recently held a friends and media preview dinner for this supper club.

Chef Christian Page had previously worked with Chef Brian Bistrong at The Harrison in New York (Chef Bistrong now owns Braeburn in New York), so when this project started, he decided he must get Bistrong on board.

Chef Bistrong flew in for a day just to help prepare this preview dinner.

Guests mingled over hors d'oeuvres , including Nick Griffith from Intelligentsia since the supper club plans on serving Intelligentsia coffee once they open.

Our meal started with some French Onion Soup with oxtail, broth poured tableside.
I enjoyed this variation of french onion soup with the tender oxtail meat, though I did miss the melted cheese.

Blue Prawn with vinaigrette and heirloom tomatoes
A crisp, well prepared shrimp and sweet juicy tomatoes. A nice dish although compared to the other dishes to come that night, this became unmemorable.

Pappardelle with Braised Osso Buco
Pappardelle with some type of meat ragu is a dish I would order anywhere. The version here does not disappoint. A hearty dish with al dente pasta, tender meat and flavorful sauce.

Roast chicken, spinach, paprika sauce
I'm always wary about eating white meat at restaurants, but this one is surprisingly moist. The paprika sauce had a nice restrained spice as well.

Skirt steak, served in cast iron skillet
Have I told you I love skirt steak? More so than any other cut, skirt steak always has more flavor. If done well so that it doesn't become tough, that is. The one Chef Page and Bistrong prepared was certainly both flavorful and tender.

This main entree also came with three different sides.

Sesame-crusted asparagus

Roasted cauliflower

Carrot Puree
This sweet and creamy carrot puree ended up being my favorite side. If they fed me this when I was a kid, my eye sight might not be as bad now ...
(instead they fed me carrot juice. )

Ran Zimon runs his own pastry company and will providing all the desserts for the supper club.
During this dinner we had Chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate walnut tart
Rich with dark chocolate and crunchy. It's a great decadent end to my meal.

After dessert, Ran Zimon decided to bring out a special treat. I don't know if you'll get this at the supper club or not but you should hope you will: a plate of middle eastern-style tartare.

We're still not sure when the supper club is opening its doors to the public or what its name will be, but stay tuned,

Daily Dose Coffeehouse's Nameless Supper Club
1820 Industrial St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021


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