Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oink (Edinburgh, UK): Scottish Hog Roll and Crackling!

What better way to get customers in the door than a whole roasted pig on the window?

That's exactly what Oink, a little shop on the similarly-little Victoria St, does to get you to try their Scottish hog roll.

Not that the gourmet pig could've passed by a pink pig-shaped sign that says Oink without going in. 

Oink only sells hog rolls but you still get your choices:

First you pick your size, then pick white or brown roll  (I opted for brown). Next, do you want sage & onion stuffing or haggis? Hmm tough choice. The worker said her favorite is with haggis and chili relish but the classic way is the sage & onion stuffing with apple sauce, so I had to first try the classic.
Lastly, with or without crackling? Rhetorical question. WITH crackling, always. Just look at those crisped squares of pork skin.
This beats Oinkster's pulled pork any day. The meat is so tender and the juices burst out as you bit in. BBQ sauce? Who needs that when you have apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how well the sweetness of the apple sauce complemented the meat.
And I don't think I need to tell you about the crispy crackling? Eat it there or get it to go as you walk back up to Edinburgh Castle.

Next to try: the hog roll with haggis and chili relish!

It doesn't hurt that this place is next to an amazing artisanal liqueur store, which is next to a great whisky store. Basically, you'd fall in love with Victoria St.

Not Victoria St, just playing around with my camera in Edinburgh

34 Victoria St,
Grassmarket, Edinburgh, UK
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