Sunday, October 31, 2010

Demijohn, The Liquid Deli (Edinburgh, UK)

Demijohn was an incredible find on Victoria St. While looking for Oink, the Scottish hog roll store, I passed by this storefront with their sign touting “Gooseberry Gin.”

Naturally I walked a little closer, and saw bottles of various shapes on the window, with handwritten labels. Nelson’s Spiced Rum Liqueur? Seville Orange Gin? How could I not check it out?

Upon entering, there are shelves of large glass bottles filled with liqueurs of all kinds. (Apparently, these glass bottles are called demijohns and were traditionally used for storing wine and spirits – hence, the name). Demijohn calls themselves "the liquid deli."

All the liqueurs in the glass bottles, along with the whiskies in the casks, are made by small batch producers using local (Scottish) ingredients. They also have a variety of oilive oils and vinegars, again from small batch producers.

Here’s how this place works. You can try any liqueurs you wish (as you can imagine, I tried quite a few), then when you know what you want, you choose between the Italian glass bottles of different sizes and shapes to hold your liqueur in, just like the ones you see on the storefront. Each liqueur is priced per 100 ml. I opted for the Lyme Bay Ginger Wine since its sweet and spicy flavor warmed me right up after a blistering walk to and throughout the Edinburgh Castle.



I went to the Glasgow shop last month! Loved the Elderflower Vodka Liquer!

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