Friday, April 29, 2011

Westwood Brunching at The Glendon

This space was first known to me as Moustache Cafe, which supposedly had good crepes but was closed when I heard of it, then it was a random Japanese restaurant (wasn't that good). Now it seems to have found the right occupants in The Glendon, with happy hour, late night food (open til 2 am!), and now brunch.

I was invited to try out the brunch 2 weekends ago, on the first day they were serving it.

The brunch menu covers the typical brunch fare (eggs, french toast, pancakes) plus sandwiches and a few interesting items. Oh, it also says you get free mimosa with purchase of an entree from 11am-2pm. We weren't really offered this when we were there, so you might have to ask them for it.

We started with The Ballerina Omelette (egg whites, avocado, tomato, mozzarella, roasted turkey, topped with tomato puree - $12)

For the side, we asked for sweet potato tater tots (never knew they existed!). Despite being the healthiest sounding omelette on the menu (egg whites only), it turned out to be one good omelette. The roasted turkey was moist, the avocado gave it a silky mouth feel, and the tomato puree was flavorful without being too salty. Surprisingly, I didn't miss the yolk.

Among the more interesting offerings was the Salmon Quiche Pizza (smoked salmon, baked eggs, spinach, arugula pesto, balsamic reduction - $14)

The crust was somewhere in between a pizza and a quiche - it was crunchy and more flatbread-like, including the part under the toppings.

Cherry Bourbon French Toast (challah bread, cherry bourbon creme anglaise, cherry compote - $11)
I liked the dense challah bread with the creme anglaise, but the cherry compote was unfortunately too sweet for me.

Even if you're not into boozing it up in the middle of the day, they have fresh juices options. I particularly loved the mint watermelon lemonade ($4). So refreshing! It's made with everything I love, so how can you go wrong?

The Glendon is a nice addition to Westwood, which was pretty barren brunch-wise (other than Napa Valley Grille), and I'm looking forward to their late night options too. I wish they had been open when I was still a UCLA student. It would've saved me from all those post-midnight runs to Denny's.

The Glendon
1071 Glendon Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-2023
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Disclosure: This meal was hosted.



Woot for the glendon. Sarah and I used to live at the palazzo, right next door, so we came here often for happy hour drinks and eats.

When did you graduate?


I graduated in 2005, a while ago now :)
Westwood definitely has better food options than it did then, though I miss the hot dog place that did the $1 promotion for a few months!

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