Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Revisiting Lexington Social House (Hollywood): New Chefs Bring New Menu(Plus Jazz Nights)

Lexington Social House has gone through a couple of executive chef changes since they opened and have also added nightly specials like Tuesday Pizza Pop Ups and Wednesday Jazz Nights. I was invited in recently to check out the new items and also the Jazz Night.

The large back patio is a nice spot for a quiet outdoor dining in Hollywood.


We started with a LITTLE GEM LETTUCE salad with smoked blue cheese vinaigrette, grapes, toasted hazelnuts ($10)
The smoked blue cheese was very aromatic!

Steak Tartare, pickled fennel, root beet caviar, french fries
Beef Tartar
The root beer caviar was a fun touch, but I'm not sure about serving the tartare with french fries. I ended up eating them separately.

We had a taster of four new cocktails:
Sweet Lips: St Germain, fresh watermelon, lemon juice, sparkling wine
West Coast Punch: 10 Cane rum, house made kumquat syrup, orange juice, lemon juice, tarragon, angostura bitters
Summer Fling: Jim Beam bourbon, Dewars scotch, apricot syrup, lemon juice, thyme
Baja Fizz: Del Maguey Vida mescal, Zirbenz stone pine, fresh strawberry, pickled fennel, ginger syrup, lime juice
The four drinks we tried tended on the lighter, sweeter side with the Baja Fizz being the most interesting. It was, after all, summer, so they were quite refreshing.

JIDORI CHICKEN LIVER TOAST, shallots, parsley ($10)

Loved the smooth chicken liver toasts, how can you go wrong?

FRIED JIDORI CHICKEN mashed potatoes, braised kale, mustard sauce ($25)
Fried Chicken
The fried chicken has been a staple on Lexington's menu since it was always very popular, but each chef had added their own little touches on it. The latest version was from Chef Jared Simons (who had left Lexington since, but the kitchen still follows his recipes) who added matzoh meal to the breading. Still as juicy as the first time I had it.

Most of the entree menu are popular crowd-pleasers like BRAISED BONELESS BEEF SHORT RIBS, farro, spring onion, green cabbage slaw, horseradish ($27)
Short Ribs

My favorite might actually be one that wasn't on the menu then, the Florida white shrimp and risotto, tequila beurre blanc, parmesan, herbs
Shrimp Risotto
I'm hoping they'll add this one to the menu rotation.

We tried two desserts which were both very decadent. For their desserts they use Alhambra-based Fosselman's ice cream.

Chocolate Bread Pudding, "black eye" ganache, Fosselman's Guinness stout ice cream
This was very rich but I liked the stout ice cream.

That was good, but the dessert to get here was actually one I wouldn't consider ordering previously. I'm so glad I tried it, otherwise I would not have known what I was missing!
The thing to get is the MONKEY BREAD with brown sugar, pecans, banana ice cream ($9)
Monkey Bread
The monkey bread is the same bread as their dinner rolls, but sweetened. Definitely give it a try!

Wednesday nights are also Jazz Nights here at Lexington Social House which features Jeff Goldblum on the piano and his band. You can kind of hear it from the outdoor dining area but you really have to be inside for the full experience.
The lounge area is turned into an extension of the restaurant on these nights and it was jam packed with the jazz night going on, with a crowd that is completely different than the weekend Lexington crowd!

Lexington Social House
1718 Vine St
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 461-1700


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