Thursday, August 16, 2012

Food Truck Festival at The Del Mar Racetrack

Today's post features guest blogger Suzie Hong who went to the Food Truck Festival at The Del Mar Racetrack! This was their 2nd annual Food Truck Festival where guests can enjoy a selection of 50 food trucks along with local craft beers (this is near San Diego, after all, so the likes of Stone, Lost Abbey, etc) while watching the horse races. Here's Suzie's experience:

When I was asked if I could go to the Del Mar Races Food Truck Festival, I was so excited! I have always wanted to go to the racetracks to see a horse race, and I am a pretty big fan of food trucks. Although it was a hot day, it was exciting and not as crowded as I thought it would be!

The boyfriend travels to Boston for work a lot, and has been talking about lobster rolls for the past few months. When I saw the Lobsta Truck with an average length line, I knew this would be my first destination. The $12 Lobster Roll was offered with mayo or butter...uhh, obviously butter please! We decided not to add extra lobster thinking the standard roll would be enough - and we weren't disappointed! The roll came out quickly, toasty and warm with tons of big chunks of lobster. I love that the roll was served on a butter-coated-toasted slice of bread rather than a standard french roll or sub because the crunch complimented the gooey butteryness so well. 

We strolled around the circular lot checking out the other trucks for a while, and found that a large selection of the food trucks were seafood-based. As San Diego residents, we immediately ruled out the Mexican food trucks as well as other seafood ones having just eaten a lobster roll. We wanted something unique, because isn't that the fun in food trucks? 

My eye caught a truck called, Slap Yo' Mama. With a name like that, I HAD to go check out the menu and found just the unique items i was looking for!

I debated between the Snoop Dog Cristo or the Red Velvet Waffles and Fried Chicken. The $9 Snoop Dogg Cristo was a fried chicken cutlet, covered in mac n' cheese, battered, fried and then served with syrup and powdered sugar. While red velvet waffles sounded tempting, I was going for the unique factor. Plus, almost everyone else in line was ordering the cristo! When ordering, I decided to add in the $3 Watermelon Lemonade too since it was such a hot day. 

The Snoop Dogg Cristo was delicious at first, with a perfect blend of battered fried chicken and maple syrup. I was a little disappointed at how little I could taste the mac n cheese, and felt it was there more for texture than anything else. If it were taken out of the concoction, I wouldn't have missed it. Unfortunately, as the cristo got colder, it got less delicious until eventually we were eating cold battered chicken that was overpowered by too much syrup. I wish we hadn't taken our time!

Our last stop was Waffles de Liege, which we had actually seen before Slap Yo Mama, but knew we wanted to save dessert for last. The waffle was delicious, wich a nice toast on the outside but chewyness on the inside. It came out warm, and with the chocolate dipped strawberry ice cream on top it was perfect. I was also sold on the fact that they use Fosselman's ice cream, one of my favorite ice cream parlors in Alhambra! We decided to not add fruit because we knew we would be happy with just the waffle and ice cream - also cause $1.75 for banana slices on the side seemed not worth it. 

All in all, a great summer day with good food, and entertainment. Of the three trucks, I would definitely go back to Waffles de Liege! 


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