Monday, September 17, 2012

Go Thee To Baja! Baja Culinary Fest Oct 11-14

October 11-14 is the 2nd annual Baja California Culinary Fest! Thanks to the generosity of Chef Javier Plascencia, I was able to attend the 1st annual festival last year and with more experience, this year's is promising to be even better. There are many different events over the four days, from special dinners, a gastro tour of Tijuana, a visit to the Ramonetti cheese cellar, a festival in Rosarita, and many more.

It all culminates in a festival at the Galerias Hipodromo. Last year's festival had some of the best restaurants in Tijuana, and this year will probably have even more. Instead of paying an all inclusive ticket, last year attendees buy tickets for each item purchased.
From a whole leg carved on-site by Cheripan, Tijuana's premier Argentinean restaurant.
There was a great chocolate clam cocktail from Catavina (it's a type of Mexican clam, there's no chocolate in it!)
Clam Cocteles
to some great moles
 Naturally, all kinds of tacos from marlin queso taco to steak tacos to shrimp
 We also found a great craft brewery there, called Ramuri. If you see their Lagrimas Negras or Bucefalo, be sure to try them!
 Many tastes from Tepoznieves, Tijuana's best ice cream shop!
huitlacoche (corn smut) quesadilla
Caesar salad made on-site by Caesar's Restaurante, the restaurant where the salad was first invented
We were also pleasantly surprised to find good coffee here! This was from Das Cortez:
You may know all the restaurants in Los Angeles, but I bet you'll find many discoveries when you go to the Baja California Culinary Fest in Tijuana.


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