Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brunch and Sherry "Mimosa" at Bow and Truss (North Hollywood)

Bow and Truss is a new Spanish restaurant in North Hollywood featuring a sherry focused bar program by Aidan Demarest and Marcos Tello. They recently started doing brunch with a Latin slant and sherry brunch cocktails. I don't know how busy it gets at night, but it's a quiet and spacious place for brunch, with a beautiful bar at the center.

Bow and Truss - Bar
Bow and Truss

I did say the brunch menu leaned towards Latin flavors, but you may want to also get the Crepes with Almond Butter and house made caramel ($6)
Loved the texture of these crepes! With almond butter like this, you don't need syrup or toppings.

Since this is a sherry-centric bar, and since Aidan and Marcos doesn't mess around, even their brunch cocktails are special. The Mimosa de Manzana is no regular mimosa. They call it a "Spanish Style” mimosa and it's made with Pedro Ximenez sherry, organic apple juice, rosado, apple slice
It's still a "mimosa" so it's topped with some sparkly, but it's much better and much more interesting than your regular mimosa and bellinis! They also have Bloody Mary's here and I tried a sip of one which was quite good.

For the brunch entree I recommend the "I’m Creamy" with polenta, asparagus, charred corn, peppers, cotija, quail yolk, piquillo pepper sauce ($10)

It's such a satisfying bowl despite being vegetarian. Mix the creamy polenta and the fresh crunch of the corn, all with flavorful pepper sauce. Don't want to go vegetarian for brunch, you say? Just add a side of
Wild Boar Bacon, two thick cut pieces for $5

Think more smoked meat than the standard "bacon". These were so thick, but still pretty tender. I'm happy to have these two big cuts for $5!

My friend liked her order of Not So Benedict – eggs, beans, piquillo sauce, sauteed arugula, grilled muffin ($10)
It's pretty flavorful, but in this case I still prefer my benedicts with lox or ham than beans!

Since it was my first visit to Bow and Truss, I wanted to try a cocktail from their regular menu. I went with the Amestoy Swizzle ($12) with Spanish Brandy, Amontillado Sherry, Velvet Falernum, and apple juice. Having a lot of apple juice today! About the name: The Amestoy Family were Basque immigrants who were the last family to own and work the historic Encino Rancho. This drink is pretty refreshing and fitting to have for an afternoon brunch. 

I knew the cocktails were going to be great, given the guys who are behind them, and having a sherry focused program fits my tastes even more. I was also pretty happy with the food. I still haven't been for dinner, but I liked their brunch offerings. They were unique, reasonably priced, and done well. It's certainly a great new place for the North Hollywood area!

They also have a nice outdoor seating area so you can enjoy the beautiful SoCal days.
Bow and Truss Patio

Bow and Truss
11122 Magnolia Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 91601
(818) 985-8787
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