Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eating and Riding Around Knott's Berry Farm

I've been invited to many restaurants and food events, but every once in a while something fun and different comes along, like an invitation to Knott's Berry Farm! OK, so the invite was to come to a tasting of their food offerings around the theme park, but I have to admit the opportunity to ride roller coasters was a major draw for me. Knott's Berry Farm isn't just known as a theme park, but their fried chicken and pies were what started the whole enterprise. Mrs Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant started in 1934 and attracted so many tourists that they started building shops and attractions around it to entertain waiting guests. So it really was the food that started the theme park!

The most famous food here of course is the fried chicken from Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner in the MarketPlace area, where they still serve the original recipe from 78 years ago. I actually have never had the fried chicken up until now, despite having lived in LA for almost 10 years. Verdict: they're quite good and hit the spot.

During the tasting I also tried the chicken pot pie, which also turned out to be really good. Flaky crust with creamy filling!

The other stuff that I liked were from the Fireman's Brigade BBQ, located in Ghost Town. Try their Flank Steak sandwiches, marinated for over 24 hours and served on their jalapeno and cheddar roll
There's also pork ribs, slow cooked for 11 hours
Vegetarians need not worry about starving either, there's black bean burger at Ghost Town Grill and veggie wrap sandwiches (and gluten free pizza) at Soak City. Sorry, I didn't try these so I could eat more chicken ..

We finished off our dinner as fast as we could and went to ride roller coasters! The tamer water rides first while our stomachs settle.. the Pony Express were actually faster than we were expecting and leaning forward on a "horse" was a first for my roller coaster experience. Don't repeat our mistake and ride this right after a big meal!

Knott's Scary Farm is also coming soon, celebrating its 40th anniversary on September 22. I had no idea it had been around that long! Rides in the dark, haunted houses, and plenty of zombies this year.



loved that chicken pot pie and funnel cake!!!

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