Thursday, July 18, 2013

Neal Fraser Serves Up Gourmet Hot Dogs at Fritzi Dog (The Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles)

I usually shy away from the processed meat that is hot dog, but Chef Neal Fraser (BLD) changed my perception with his gourmet hot dogs at Fritzi Dog, all made with humanely-raised, organic meat. There's a dog for everyone at this stand inside The Original Farmers Market.

You can build your own by choosing one of the many options: Porker Dog (pork with French spices and curry), Deli Dog (classic Kosher style all beef dog), Bird Dog (turkey and duck with mesquite), Stadium Dog (smoky pork and beef), Cali Dog (beef, pork, spicy Merguez and Chilean Merken), and for the vegetarians there's the Carrot Dog. You can get the original bun or switch it up with the pretzel bun, and they have something for the gluten-free folks, too.
Overwhelmed by the choice of toppings? Try one of the signature creations. Most of the dogs are $6.25 or $8.95 as a combo with fries or tots. There are a couple of special ones that cost more.

The signature dogs include fun flavors like the Tokyo Dog (Porker Dog, wasabi aioli, peas, Sriracha ketchup, nori )
Finishing touches like the crispy pea crumbles make Neal Fraser's hot dogs extra special. The dogs are all great, with a nice snap to them, but if I have to pick a favorite it might be the Cali Dog!

My favorite signature dog was the Garlic Dog (Cali dog on pretzel bun, garlic aioli, crispy onions)
One big reason is probably because I love garlic! But I also love the slightly chewier pretzel bun and the flavors of the Cali dog.
Spicy Dog (all beef Deli dog, raw onions, jalapeno relish, Sriracha ketchup)
Vegans and vegetarians need not shy away from Fritzi Dog. No, there's no fake meat here, Neal Fraser is not a big proponent of that. Instead, he serves the Carrot Dog which is a whole carrot slow cooked sous-vide in 26 Arabic spices and finished off on the grill ($5)
I agree with him. Why bother with faux meat when you can have a perfectly tender, sweet carrot?

Bird on a Wire (Bird Dog with grilled peppers, onions, and sweet mustards). Really, they're all good, just depends on what you're in the mood for. 

Did I mention I like extra crunchy bits? Memphis BBQ Dog is another one with crunch (Porker Dog with BBQ aioli, peppers, crushed paprika chips)

Don't forget to check out the sides, too, and make sure you try the Buffalo Tots ($3.50)
Yes, tater tots with spicy buffalo sauce and emulsified blue cheese. Addictive!

Another one you shouldn't miss is the Bacon Pups (bites of sous-vide bacon dipped in house corn dog batter with Thai chili sauce)
It's like mini bites of corn dog, except with bacon ...

I don't often eat hot dogs, but when I do I would eat them at Fritzi Dog. They make their own dogs with organic meats and the taste is far superior, and the flavor combinations they've put together are fun! Stop by here for a quick meal when you're shopping at The Grove, or get some buffalo tots to munch on while you're walking.

Fritzi Dog
at The Original Farmers Market
6333 West 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036
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