Sunday, September 8, 2013

G&B Coffee Elevates Coffee Experience at Grand Central Market(DowntownLA)

The Grand Central Market in downtown LA is experiencing a revival with the opening of some great destinations, including G & B Coffee, which used to be located inside Sqirl. The coffee bar is also visible from the street and pedestrians can just walk up to it without going through the market itself first.

G & B Coffee wanted coffee to return to being a social experience, more like a bar, where guests can interact with baristas and other guests instead of moving down the line to get your pourover.
By the way, I came here for a preview tasting so for some, the pictured portions are much smaller than the full size that you'll get when you purchase.
IMG_6735 G & B doesn't roast their own coffee, instead you'll find a rotating selection of their current favorite coffees from other roasters. Right now they seem to be liking Heart from Portland, but they'll have 6-10 different varieties each day so there will always be something for everyone.
The most popular item may be the almond latte. Kyle Glanville, one of the co-founders, thinks that soy tastes weird with coffee, so instead they have almond milk made in house which is only slightly sweet and is quite good. It has a nice subtle flavor that goes well with coffee.

The coffee shop sells pastries from Pete the Baker, who used to do pastry for Storefront Deli in Los Feliz.
In the heat of summer, I would opt for the Espresso milkshake made with Straus milk. The light sweetness is perfect.
Enjoy your coffee with toast and Saving the Season jam. Oh, did I mention there's free wifi in the Grand Central Market??
Soon they will break down the back wall and have 360' bar and also install stools so you can sit and enjoy your coffee.  IMG_6744
Tea lovers (like me) might want to try the sparkling oolong tea, which is again perfect for the summer heat. Yep, it's carbonated, unsweetened tea! I never had anything quite like it before but it does make me want to start carbonating teas ..

G & B Coffee will start a weekly blind coffee cupping. For $20 you will participate at a blind cupping and at the end you get a bag of the coffee you like best.


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