Thursday, September 12, 2013

Patina Toasts 10th Anniversary With Build-Your-Own Tastings For $10/Dish

On October 10th, Patina Restaurant in downtown LA will be celebrating their tenth anniversary in a big way. On that day only, guests can design their own tasting menu for just $10 per dish. For Patina, that's an amazing deal!

I was lucky enough to taste a few of the dishes that will be served on October 10th during a lunch preview.

The man behind the food at Patina now is Executive Chef Charles Olalia who was previously Chef de Cuisine, with experience at French Laundry and Guy Savoy. 
My lunch started with an Amuse bouche duo of Paradise Cove oyster topped with caviar and vichyssoise, and a Scallop and potato chip sandwich
What a decadent start to a weekday lunch! The scallop "sandwich" was a unique combination.
Bread service: olive bread
Big Eye Tuna Tower, soya onion, avocado, oven dried tomato, yuzu granite.
Paired with Albarino from Galicia, Spain. 
I thought this tuna and avocado combination would be like any other tuna tartar-like dish, but I was wrong. The flavors here were surprising and delightful and the tuna was fresh and almost melted in my mouth. The AlbariƱo was a great wine, crisp, lightly sweet. This was my favorite pairing and wine of the day.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, carrot mousse, celery vinaigrette
I love spot prawns and this preparation was excellent. The prawn is just slightly warmed so you still get the flavor and texture, reminiscent of amaebi. Such a delicate and beautiful dish.

Butternut Squash Risotto, jamon Iberico, fontina, sage
Moving on to the richer dishes with this creamy butternut squash risotto. Flavorful and comforting.

Atlantic Black Bass, bacon crisp, artichoke, barigoule jus
The crispy skin atop the sea bass is juxtaposed to the bacon on top of the tender artichoke. This dish is Chef Olalia's own favorite out of the ones we tasted.

Dessert: Green apple and coconut battera, french meringue.
Battera is a term used in Japanese cooking to mean "layered terrine" although the Japanese typically use it for savory dishes. Instead this is a layer of Coconut butter crust and green apple ice. This dessert was one of the best desserts I've had lately. It was very light and cooling, the creamy coconut and the tart green apple were a playful yet elegant flavor combination. 

I didn't discover it until later but Patina has a great loose leaf tea selection. Oh, well, next time!

The 10th anniversary celebration at Patina is a deal not to be missed. Make your reservation as soon as you finish reading this!

141 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 972-3331
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