Saturday, September 21, 2013

Casual and Healthy Lunch at Twist Eatery

Twist Eatery recently opened in La Brea, serving breakfast, lunch and baked goods along with coffee.

The lunch menu is mostly healthy (although they do have a burger if you're so inclined).
I got the Salmon Bowl, with lentil, quinoa salad tossed in a pomegranate, vinaigrette served with moroccan spiced salmon and a citrus salsa ($14)

The salmon was nicely cooked, still moist, and the sauce and dressing were flavorful yet still light. I really liked this for a healthy yet still filling lunch.

I wanted something even healthier, and got the Raw salad: kale chiffonade, cherry tomato, carrot, celery, avocado, raw beets, pepitas, with citrus ginger vinaigrette ($10)
 Just like the name, the vinaigrette was really light and there's a lot of crunch to this salad. I personally liked it but the lack of strong dressing may put others off.

They also have hot pressed sandwiches like the Tunisian Tuna sandwich with tuna salad, black olives, pickled onions, preserved lemons, harissa mayo, rustic baguette ($12)
Out of the dishes we tried this may be the richest with the strongest flavor.

Even though it's called an "eatery" the space is very conducive to working on your laptop. There's free wifi and coffee drinks are available all day. Since it was a warm afternoon I opted for a cold brew coffee made with Handsome Roasters coffee instead of a latte, which my friend ordered.
There were so many desserts that I had a hard time choosing, but we finally decided on the carrot cake. Perfect icing to cake ratio!
With a cute yellow and black space that reminded me of a bumblebee, Twist Eatery on La Brea is set to become a locals' favorite for breakfast, lunch, or working over coffee.

Twist Eatery
344 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-9478
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