Monday, November 25, 2013

Rye-IPA Pot Pie and Infused Ice Spheres at Muddy Leek (Culver City, CA)

I was recently invited to dinner at Muddy Leek in Culver City, just a little ways away from the Helms Bakery area. 

The menu sounds promising and interesting (of course, there are a few dishes with leek in them). Many people would order and enjoy the Chicken fried bacon with tomato jam ($9), though I personally found it to be too much - too rich, especially when shared only between two people.
Chicken fried bacon

Instead, I liked the Cauliflower croquettes with house cauliflower kimchi ($8)
Cauliflower croquette
The "kimchi" isn't spicy or as pungent as your regular Korean kimchi, but a light pickled flavor.

If you haven't gone to Muddy Leek recently, you should know that they have a new bartender on the stick, who hails from Chicago, Sara Kay Godot. She's doing some exciting things including making her own infused ice spheres. I loved the H. S. Thompson ($12), made with spiced rum, Greenbar orange liqueur, lime, ginger, cardamom, and star anise.

I liked my entrees better than the appetizers, starting with the Chicken pot pie baked in rye-IPA crust with braising greens and quince puree ($20)
Pot Pie
The filling was quite flavorful and I really liked the texture of the crust.
The Risotto with forest mushrooms, lemon, and parmesan ($16) is simple but satisfying.

For the sides, get the Kabocha squash gnocchi with sage brown butter ($8)
The sweetness of the squash and spices are perfect for the season, and $8 is a pretty good price for the portion.

I wanted to try her infused ice spheres and got one infused with ginger, orange blossom, and thyme. They suggest trying Corsair quinoa whisky with this.

After drinking the quinoa whisky, the server told us that Sara had won an award with her Manhattan Transfer, so of course I had to order that too! Like a Manhattan, this is made with bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters, but she adds pomegranate candied ginger, Meyer lemon zest and orange zest.

I'm always partial to chai, so for dessert I of course ordered Pear and gingerbread upside down cake with chai cremeaux, pecan crumble ($10)

Muddy Leek was already a popular local option in Culver City, following up on Chef Whitney Flood's popular underground restaurant, but the new bar program from Sara Kay Godot is bound to make things even more exciting.

Muddy Leek
8631 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 838-2281
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