Sunday, November 17, 2013

Revamped Menu and Patio at Sadie Kitchen and Lounge

Sadie Kitchen and Lounge has gone through many chef changes since its opening, and most recently they also revamped their patio dining area to be more lounge-like, although dining tables for larger parties still remain. The lights adorning the walls and trees make this a romantic dining spot at night.

The current chef is Jonathan Moulton, who most recently was at Early Bird in Orange County. He brings many Southern comfort food to Sadie, like these decadent buttermilk biscuits with "red eye butter" ($3)
What is red eye butter, you ask? It has what you love most in the mornings: coffee and bacon!

While many chefs have come and go, mixologist Giovanni Martinez has always remained. Much of the drinks menu remains the same, but there are also many new and seasonal drinks - and they're all excellent. I loved the Negroni Sour (gin, vermouth, campari, nettle cordial, lemon)

Among the dishes I tried, one of my favorites were the incredibly tender Moroccan-spiced grilled octopus, pickled turnip, tomatoes, garlic aioli ($14)
The fried chicken has been a mainstay at Sadie but each chef has done it differently. Sadie's Fried Chicken is now served alongside sweet potato waffles with maple-sriracha butter ($24)
Both chicken and waffles were nice and crispy, but what really brought the dish up a notch was the maple sriracha butter.
Chef Jonathan Moulton
Chef Moulton has actually stayed at Sadie for a bit, perhaps longer than his predecessors and we only hope that he'll stay for much longer.

Happy hour includes $6 bites and drinks from 6-8pm, Tuesday-Friday.

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