Monday, March 17, 2014

Revisiting M.B. Post With New Cocktail Menu

M.B. Post recently launched new cocktails and I took the opportunity to revisit the place, not just for drinks but some dinner also! It's been a while since I've been there and the place was better than I remembered.

beetOn their cocktail menu they include the original cocktail that inspired theirs. The new cocktails ($12.50 each) include drinks like Longshanks (Penicillin with Compass Box "Oak Cross", beet, honey, lemon, thyme). This was one of my favorites, I love the subtle beet flavor. While it might sound strange, it's a great and well balanced drink.

Given the season, there's also King Philip's Bounty (Mojito with Starr, blood orange, mint, lime, tarragon)
Strong but deceptively sweet and refreshing.

I was glad I ordered the bacon cheddar biscuits. I had forgotten just how good these were, but I was reminded right away! So buttery and flaky, and that delicious fluffy maple butter on the side... these are a must order! We got to dinner pretty late after a long class (scuba lesson), so we gobbled these right up.

Bacon cheddar biscuits

MB Post's menu always features a handful of specials. That night, they had a Saffron risotto with blue crab, shrimp, sword squid, English peas, squid ink rice crackers ($19)
The flavors of the seafood are sweet and delicate, wonderful with the saffron. The crispy crackers provided a nice contrast to the creamy risotto.

Steamed mussels, green curry, Chinese sausage, coriander sticky rice ($14)
My new favorite mussel dish ... we loved the Chinese sausage and the sticky rice. The rice acted as a great vehicle for the curry broth. I thought the mussels go really well with the Ivan Drago (Moscow Mule with Boyd & Blair, ginger, lime, lemongrass, boba)
Yes, it's the lemongrass that make these two go together so well! The cocktail is fun, too, with the little boba (they're more like the small tapioca pearls rather than the big boba balls)

For a stirred drink, try the Dr. No, a nice riff on a Sazerac using No.3 gin, absinthe, Peychauds, lemon, rhubarb)

Perfect for cutting through all the food we just devoured.

For something sweeter with a bit of spice, there's The Alibi (La Perla with Hacienda de Chihuaha, pear, vanilla, sherry, nutmeg)

Another special of the day we tried was the Braised lamb neck, semolina gnocchi, agrodolce pearl onions, baby carrots, bianco sardo ($15)
The texture of the semolina gnocchi is nothing like your typical gnocchi. They're a little wonderfuly crispy on the outside as well! The lamb neck was obviously very tender. It's a braised dish that's perfect for a chilly night, it definitely hits the spot.

For dessert we tried the Spicy cinnamon soft serve, apple pie filling, oatmeal brown butter crumble ($6)

Flipping an apple pie a la mode around, this is perfect for those who always thinks there's not enough ice cream on that apple pie (like me). The soft serve was slightly too soft that night, but we were there pretty much at closing time.

To finish off, we had their one hot cocktail, the Smoking Bishop (glogg with Buffalo Trace, mulled Pinot Noir, clove, allspice, rose).

When I got there, I knew I wanted to try this that night, and it did not disappoint. After all, I do love my mulled wines and hot spiced cocktails.

The dinner reminded me that I had been away from MB Post for too long! With great food and cocktails, this place is one to go back to again and again.

MB Post
1142 Manhattan Ave. 
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-5405
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Disclosure: This meal was hosted. 



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