Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lunch at Wilson Creek Winery (and their Pig Mascot!), Temecula, CA

I'll just admit it straight up. I'm biased. I loved visiting Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula because ... they have Molly Merlot, their pig mascot!

Isn't she adorable with her tutu, though? I don't care as much about taking photos with celebrities or chefs, but I made sure I got one with Molly.

Wilson Creek Winery is one of the larger ones in Temecula Valley.

It's beautiful and well equipped for weddings, with a stage already built for special occasions and perhaps live music concerts.

You probably have seen what they are most known for: the almond champagne. It's a little sweet so many people who are just getting into wines tend to love it. Of course, these aren't all they make.
You may soon outgrow the almond champagne and move towards the red wines. There's a red blend called Molly's Medley with the cute piggy on the bottle ... We can judge wine by its label, right?


You can have lunch at the winery's restaurant, Creekside Grill, where they have a pretty nice cheese plate ...

The fried calamari is tossed and seasoned with something different seasonally, which is much more exciting than your usual cocktail sauce.

Their Seafood Louie salad ($17) is served with crab legs, fried oysters, and shrimp. The crab legs weren't the fattest I've had but it still makes for a decent lunch al fresco.

The press trip to Temecula Valley Wine Country was hosted by Temecula CVB and the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association.


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