Sunday, May 11, 2014

Revisiting Wood and Vine with a New Chef

Hollywood favorite Wood and Vine recently recruited a new chef who has revamped the menu. Worry not, though, as the popular cheese and charcuterie platter will still be around. Chef Marc Johnson used to work at Waterloo and City, so the charcuterie here is something to anticipate.
There will be potted items like chicken liver mousse with blood orange marmalade, which I was kind of addicted to.

He's making terrines from game meat, including a rabbit terrine with pistachio and pickled carrot puree, head cheese, and a wild boar terrine with pecans and apple chutney.

For appetizers, he plays with vegetables and fruits like Beetroot, horseradish, kumquat, sourdough, amaranth


IMG_4151There's a new head bartender as well, with new cocktails including Thai Town (Aviation gin, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, vanilla, honey, mint leaf) and Souther Hospitality (Buffalo Trace bourbon, Lairds applejack, tangerine, lemon, rhubarb syrup, egg whites, Peychaud’s)

The whole table loved the Roasted cauliflower with peanuts, salsa verde, lovageIMG_4176
The cauliflower dish was flavorful but the vegetable wasn't overwhelmed by the salsa. It was a great vegetable dish that's also a fresh alternative to the trendy brussels sprout.

Mussels with onion, ginger, coconut, cilantro, and lime
The coconut was a nice touch that provides a distinctive flavor

Pork ribs, sweet chili, aji amarillo, cilantro
Sweet and spicy, the ribs were tender and easily pried off the bone.

Risotto with squid ink, crab, corn and tarragon
A delicate preparation of squid ink pasta, combined with the sweetness of the corn and crab meat.

Pork meatballs with collard greens, apple, and gravy

Braised lamb with chickpea gnocchi, harissa, sorrel, peas
This might be one of my favorites since the chickpea gnocchi was quite unique. I love gnocchi to begin with but I really enjoyed the flavor of the chickpea made into a fluffy gnocchi.

For dessert, try the Butterscotch pot de creme, salted caramel ice cream, maldon sea salt
The chef at Wood and Vine may have changed but the format of the menu remains similar and the food is certainly still worth stopping by for. There seems to be more adventurous items now with game meat terrines and chickpea gnocchi!


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