Monday, May 5, 2014

Trying Grimaldi's Pizza in El Segundo

New York's famed Grimaldi's Pizzeria has now gone nationwide, including an LA location in El Segundo. I've never tried the original, but decided to make the easier trek to South Bay!

Grimaldi's offers three types of pizza in three different sizes, calzone, and some salad starters. You pick your own toppings for each pizza.

My favorite was the white pizza with garlic ($10 for a personal size). It was just so deliciously garlicky! We got it topped with tomato slices ($2) and spicy chicken sausage ($4).

White Pizza
If you love garlic as much as I do, this is definitely the one to get.
The red pizza ($9 for a personal size) didn't have enough tomato sauce for me, although you can pay $2 to get extra sauce. I tried it with slices of meatballa ($2)

I've never tried the original, but the pizzas here are overall quite good, with a nice crust (no, they don't cart Brooklyn water all the way to LA, they use water from a reverse osmosis tank), good cheese, and a large selection of toppings. Again, try the white garlic pizza!

I also liked the pesto pizza as it was more unusual. I decided it would go well with artichoke hearts ($4).
Pesto Pizza

The starters include antipasto and a selection of salads, like the Caesar salad ($7)
Caesar Salad

They also had some local beers on tap like Angel City or Firestone Walker along with Sam Adams and the usual suspects (Blue Moon, Peroni). I started with Firestone Walker Pale 31 before moving on to wine.

Being a New York establishment, I figured I should have their Homemade New York cheesecake ($5). It was a good cheesecake: rich, smooth, and not too dense.

The Grimaldi's in El Segundo is a large space with both indoor seating and an outdoor patio.
The restaurant also features seasonal specials. This season it is a bruschetta pizza (the white pizza topped with tomato slices, basil, and Italian cheese blend), blueberry cobbler cheesecake, and strawberry cheesecake.

IMG_4468Grimaldi's Pizzeria
2121 Rosecrans Ave Ste 1399
El Segundo, CA 90266
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Grimaldi's main appeal in Brooklyn is the location. It is nice to go there for a pie and walk across the Brooklyn bridge. The pizza itself is decent, but not worth the wait otherwise.


Luckily there's no wait at all in El Segundo :

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