Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Korean-Italian Fusion at Concerto (Koreatown, Los Angeles)

Concerto in Koreatown has been open for a while now serving pastries and Italian food. It's the type of Italian restaurant you might see in Korea. I haven't visited Concerto until recently, but a friend of mine posted about their kimchi carbonara and I was intrigued by the Korean-Italian fusion, so when I was invited to check it out, I accepted.

Concerto was pretty busy on a Friday night. They have at least three separate dining areas including one upstairs. Our dinner started with their freshly baked focaccia bread with a whole head of roasted garlic Yes, a whole garlic!
For appetizer we ordered the Pico de Gallo squid. This is kind of like calamari except it's only the fried tentacles and none of the body/mantle.

Of course, I had to try the Kimchi carbonara (kimchi, bacon, onion, pepper, anchovy, cream sauce)
The kimchi carbonara is a great fusion dish. The kimchi gives it a kick and also some acidity that helps to cut the cream sauce, without being overpowering.

Uni pasta (Fresh uni, spaghetti, cream sauce)
A good rendition of the creamy uni pasta dish. The radish and seaweed garnish also sets this apart.

There were plenty of options for dessert that it was a little hard to choose. My friend and I split a blueberry shortcake for dessert and I got a cup of cappuccino. The owner of Concerto actually has coffee shops in Korea that roast their own coffee. The cappuccino I had was better than I was expecting!

The food at Concerto overall was pretty satisfying and they do have some interesting twists to the classic pastas like the kimchi carbonara! Not that I've been to Korea, but when I watch those Korean dramas I imagine the Italian restaurants they go to to be something like Concerto.

610 South Ser­rano
Los Angeles, CA 90005
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