Monday, September 8, 2014

Cavatina: A Hidden Gem Inside The Sunset Marquis Hotel

We oftentimes ignore hotel restaurants. In fact, I didn't even know the Sunset Marquis hotel had a restaurant - and it's gorgeous. The newly revamped and renamed restaurant, Cavatina, is tucked in the heart of the hotel. The outdoor area is naturally popular during the day, with lush greenery and a faux waterfall nearby.

Executive Chef Roger Eggleston (formerly of Ten Pound Bar) has teamed up with Boston's James Beard winner Michael Schlow for the revamped restaurant's menu. I recently came in for lunch to check it out.

To start: Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho over olive oil crouton, sweet pepper, basil blossoms 

Then we had a variety of addictive snacks: Marcona Almonds with Citrus and Curry,  Homemade Potato Chips with sunset secret spice mix” and green-chile onion dip, Bacon and Bourbon Salted Caramel Popcorn
Could not stop munching on all of them - the popcorn in particular!

We had a beautifully plated Maine Lobster with Stone Fruit and Caviar with cherry tomato, chardonnay vinegar, sea salt
Lobster Salad
The fresh, chilled lobster was beautifully complemented by the sweet, juicy fruits. It's a suprising combination that also works perfectly for the summer weather.

Vodka-marinated Pacific Northwest Salmon, apricot, beet jus, sea beans
Another great seafood dish, the salmon's texture was silky.
Burrata with Caramelized Figs and Rhubarb Vinegar, pickled black trumpet mushrooms, candied hazelnuts
I love both burrata and figs separately, and together they were wonderful, creating a lightly sweet and creamy bite. 

Shrimp with Aji Amarillo, Pickled Red Onion and Crushed Peanuts
The sauce had a light spiciness that was reminiscent of curry.

Baby Kale and Organic Grain Salad, cucumber, red pepper, almonds and local goat cheese
For what I am sure is a big part of Cavatina's audience looking for a light lunch option, this bowl of grain salad is both refreshing, light, yet satisfying.

Classic Steak Tartare, violet mustard and grilled country bread
Steak Tartar
One of the dishes I remembered from Ten Pound Bar was the bison tartare, so I thought it was rather appropriate to have this here. The tartare itself is classically prepared, topped with quail egg, but I quite liked the subtle flavors of the violet mustard.

For dessert: Summer Berry Vacherin, olive oil cake, basil meringue, hibiscus sorbet

Or if you prefer a more luscious dessert, try the Jaime Farms Carrot Cake with cream cheese ice cream and candied walnuts
I don't eat carrot cakes that much, but this was one of the best ones I've had of late. Instead of a cream cheese icing, the coolness of the ice cream helps cut the decadence. Plus, anything is better a la mode, especially in the summer!

Chef Roger Eggleston
When you're there, check out the restroom - or at least the entrance - for an entertaining photo of Whoopi Goldberg from legendary photographer Timothy White!

The hotel has live music on Friday evenings by the pool, and you can check out the lineup.

at the Sunset Marquis Hotel
1200 Alta Loma Rd
West Hollywood, CA
(310) 657-1333
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