Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lobster Wednesdays at Pearl's Sunset Strip

I admit, I tend to avoid eating on Sunset Strip, so there are a lot of places there I have not yet visited. I was pretty surprised when I stepped on the second floor patio of Pearl's overlooking Sunset Blvd. Oh, hey, this is a pretty nice al fresco dining area!

So, I was there to check out their lobster night, but first ...some oysters
On Wednesdays, Pearl's serves a whole Maine lobster dinner - with fries and sides, for only $25!
Since I just came back from Boston, I'm a bit spoiled for lobsters (the ones in New England are so sweet and fresh!), but this is still quite a deal and comes with a couple of sides and condiments. Where else are you going to find a good deal like this on Sunset Strip?

We tried some other dishes, as well. Among the ones we enjoyed: Lobster ravioli, goat cheese, oyster mushrooms, parsley, roasted red pepper cream sauce ($18)
PS. Loved their plates

Grilled lamb chops, red quinoa risotto, grana padano, mint chimichurri ($18)
The cocktails for the most part are pretty standard, but they do have a couple of more interesting ones - although they tended on the sweet side. We tried the Mickey Cohen (Casamigos tequila, passion fruit, agave nectar, strawberry jalapeno lime ice sphere, strawberry and lime garnish, $14)

Pearl's Liquor Bar
8909 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 360-6800
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