Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lunch at Husk Restaurant (Charleston, SC)

I visited Charleston for a very short trip last Christmas holiday, and even though the friends we were visiting were vegetarians, I had dining at Husk Restaurant on my must-do list. After all, it was named Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurant in America in 2011. Our friends dropped my cousin and I for lunch one Saturday afternoon while they walk around the city.

Our lunch started with some Rolls with bourbon sea salt, honey pork butter


Kentuckyaki glazed pig's ear lettuce wraps with sweet marinated cucumbers and red onion, Sea Island benne ($10)
I understand pig's ears can be an acquired taste, but I personally love the texture and they did a good job with the glaze on this lettuce wrap.

Shrimp and South Carolina grits, smoky tomato broth, roasted peppers and onions, English peas and Surry sausage ($14)
A must order in the South, and what better place to have it than Husk? A superb shrimp and grits with bold flavors thanks to the smoky broth.

Virginia Heritage pork with spicy sweet potato puree, wood fired brussels and Carolina sweet onions, red eye gravy ($17)
While reading it on the menu didn't make it jump out at me, I ordered it per the server's recommendation. It turned out to be absolutely amazing, and perhaps my favorite dish of the day! The pork was just so ridiculously tender.

Stuffed South Carolina quail with black eyed peas, winter greens and butternut squash, toasted honey glaze ($16)

It was still the middle of the day, so I settled with just trying one cocktail. I chose the most unique sounding one: Bollywood Social Club (kaffir gin, coconut water, cilantro infused honey, green tea foam, white pepper)

Dessert was appropriately a sticky pecan bar.
I definitely enjoyed my lunch at Husk and made the trip to Charleston worth it. It's a must try for anyone visiting the city, and I hope that I would have the chance to try dinner there one day.

76 Queen St
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 577-2500
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