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Ogawa Coffee Brings Japanese Perfection in A Cup

I'm not REALLY a coffee connoisseur, but I got spoiled living in LA, when there was a renaissance of great coffee shops. I may not be able to blind test different single origin coffees, but I know bad coffee from good coffee, at least. So when I came to Boston last year, I asked around where to find good coffee. "I just go to Dunkin' Donuts" was invariably the most common response.

Hm. Like I said, I was spoiled. Luckily, Ogawa Coffee came from Boston. Ogawa Coffee has been running a chain of stores and their own coffee bean roasting in Kyoto for more than 60 years. Their foray into Boston is their first international venture, and they chose Boston because it is one of Kyoto's sister cities and they see Boston's abundance of universities and focus on education as a common ground between the two cities.

Ogawa Coffee
When you walk in, you'll notice the stadium seating to the right, which faces a serving counter. They'll eventually hold demos and classes using this area.

Ogawa's signature drink ($10 but you get two drinks, really) is a glass of chilled espresso - smooth and just slightly sweetened - served with a cup of hot cappuccino.
Ogawa Coffee
If you're lucky and you're in the store when Haruna Maruyama is in, then you should ask for some special latte art. She's the champion of the 2010 World Barista Latte Art and was both the first Japanese and the first woman to win the distinction! Don't fret if she's not in because she's been training the other baristas who all have their signature art, but do know you're in for a treat when she is.

The thing about Japanese is their attention to detail. They heat up their glassware with hot water before serving the coffee so as not to change the temperature of the coffee too much!
Ogawa Coffee

We tried the Kalita pourover, which is one of the better deals here if you're staying in. You get a carafe enough for more than 2 cups of coffee.
Ogawa Coffee

When you order the pourover, they serve it to you in a handpainted Kiyomizu cup. Bringing another tradition from Kyoto, Kiyomizu is known for their ceramic tea wares, but here they've made cups especially for coffee for Ogawa.
Ogawa Coffee

Another Kiyomizu cup, because I think this one is lovely.
Ogawa Coffee

You can also try a trio of featured single origin coffees. They certainly make really smooth coffee here. You can read all about each single origin coffee and even see the farmers behind them, printed on each label.
Ogawa Coffee
Oh, yeah, for the month of October, you can get a Halloween-themed latte art! On October 1-28 you have to ask for the Halloween art if you want one, but if you come on Oct 29-31 they'll automatically do this for your drinks!

Photo credit: Ogawa Coffee
The people working in downtown Boston are certainly lucky to have Ogawa Coffee in their neighborhood! I'm glad this place finally opened, bringing some good coffee and a unique experience to Boston.
Ogawa Coffee
Ogawa Coffee
10 Milk St
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 780-7139
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