Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ti Bouchon: A Dining Experience to Remember in Saint Martin (SXM)

Ti Bouchon is hard to get to. Nestled in the French Cul-de-Sac in Saint Martin, it's not near most of the tourist areas and hotels, but it's well worth making the trip. To be honest, it took One More Bite Blog some finagling to convince me to go here, because the round trip taxi fare was going to cost us $50-60. But I must say it was definitely the best meal I had in St Martin (and Sint Maarten)!

Soup amuse bouche. I unfortunately lost a whole year's worth of notes, somehow, so I couldn't remember what this was.
Ti Bouchon
Fresh tartare medley of crab meat and cantaloupe (16)
Ti Bouchon
A nice and light treatment of fresh crab meat.

Terrine of foie gras, chocolate seeds, starfruit chutney, brioche (22)
Ti Bouchon

I wasn't expecting to have a nice terrine of foie gras in St Martin, but there you have it. The toasted brioche was also excellent!
Ti Bouchon
One of the special of the day: scallop wrapped in salmon, thinly sliced.
Ti Bouchon
I meant to stick with seafood, being in the Caribbean and all, but I couldn't resist a veal and foie gras combination! This was also one of the specials that night.
Ti Bouchon
Mmmm ... foie gras. Both the lobe of foie gras and the veal was nicely prepared.
Ti Bouchon

One of the signature dishes at the restaurant is this: Seared fresh red tuna encrusted with "citrusfruit pepper", piquillos stuffed with eggplant caviar, reduction of combawa leaves (32)
Ti Bouchon
I really liked my steak and foie gras, but the crusted tuna is a must-try as well. I googled it later on, and "citrusfruit pepper" is in fact yuzu kosho. No wonder I loved this dish so much.

Now, the dessert is also something quite special. This dessert takes a while to make, so if you want it, let them know early on.
Ti Bouchon
It was a glazed tomato baked with fruits inside. It was so unique and absolutely delicious! One More Bite wanted a second serving of this and I don't blame her. Our meal overall was great, but it is this dessert which lingered on in my memory.
Last but not not least, the experience is made even more special by the hospitality and conversations from Ti Bouchon's friendly owner, who goes by Momo (and is apparently friends with Antonio Banderas).
If you are looking for great food while in SXM, in particular the French side, Saint Martin, don't miss Ti Bouchon. It's worth the trek to get there, and I personally plan on returning if I have another opportunity to visit SXM!

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