Thursday, May 3, 2018

Where to Drink Cocktails in Boston: Fenway / Kenmore

If you were to do a cocktail crawl in Boston, the Fenway Kenmore neighborhood is actually a great place to do it, due to the concentration of good cocktail spots in close vicinity to each other. Drink at one of these spots next time you're in the neighborhood - or just go to all of them!

The Hawthorne
Hawthorne Thirst Boston
Owned by Jackson Cannon and currently managed by Jared Sadoian, The Hawthorne is the cocktail lounge to go to in Boston when you want to feel fancy in a quieter spot with excellent drinks. Their oft-changing cocktail menu features well thought out classic variations. For a more casual vibe, visit them on Swizzle Sundays on the patio.

Eastern Standard
Even though I generally avoid this bar when there's a Red Sox game since it gets crazy busy, Eastern Standard has been serving some of the best craft cocktails for more than a decade. I also have a thing for clarified milk punches and love that they always have a seasonal milk punch on the menu.
Eastern Standard

Island Creek Oyster Bar
Yes, another one at Hotel Commonwealth. Let's be real, the trifecta of The Hawthorne, Island Creek Oyster bar, and Eastern Standard is an amazing one, in no small part due to Jackson Cannon, bar director of all three (Cannon owns The Hawthorne). The cocktail menu here is a tad simpler than the other two, but are well executed.
Island Creek + gin

This izakaya at the Verb Hotel has a fun and funky vibe, and the drinks reflect that as well. Hojoko is a place to let loose and not take yourself too seriously. Yes, there are sake bomb and frozen cocktails,  but don't get them wrong - they make look fun but these drinks are serious.

Tiger Mama
Tiger Mama
There are two bars at chef Tiffani Faison's Tiger Mama - go to the one in the back for some tiki time. With drinks that incorporate Southeast Asian ingredients to match the cuisine and large format tiki drinks make Tiger Mama a fun spot to drink with friends.

Audobon perhaps has the most "neighborhood bar" vibe out of the ones listed here. It's casual yet sleek, has a well crafted cocktail menu that spans all the different palates, and an affordable food menu. The cocktails (only $10 each) aren't fussy but kept interesting


Katie (aka GarnishGirl)

Great list! I'd add Citizen Public House to the mix.


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