Friday, March 27, 2020

Winter Tasting Menu at Iki Ramen (Koreatown, LA)

Iki Ramen in Koreatown is one of the best new ramen spots in LA, but it's not just about the ramen. At the end of last year, they started doing a tasting menu which I have to be say is one of the better deals in town. Iki Ramen is still open for take-out during the pandemic shutdown, which I'll talk more about in a bit, but first I want to show you the tasting menu!

The tasting menu had gone through a couple of iterations as they refine what they want to do. The one I had was an 8-course tasting menu for $70.

We started with some Burrata and pickled tomatoes
Iki Ramen Winter Tasting
This dish is on their regular menu, and it's always a great one to order. Loved the refreshing tomatoes with the creamy burrata.

Trio of: salmon wasabi, takoyaki, uni ikura don
Iki Ramen Winter Tasting
I couldn't decide which of the three items I like best from this plate. Obviously I'm partial to uni but their takoyaki is really good too!

Hamachi, arugula, pear
Iki Ramen Winter Tasting
My kind of salad with the fresh and fatty hamachi.

Soft shell crab, butter, lettuce
Iki Ramen Winter Tasting
The soft shell crab was glazed with a just-slightly spicy sauce. The crunchy shell made for a nice bite into this lettuce wrap.

Hokkaido scallop, uni, shiitake, nori, truffle butter dashi ankake
Iki Ramen Winter Tasting
There's a lot of umami components in this dish, to be sure. I thought they were quite generous with the scallops as well.

A5 wagyu ramen
Iki Ramen Winter Tasting
This is a tasting menu portion of their A5 wagyu ramen, which is on their regular menu. The broth is served on the side to pour when you're ready to eat, so you don't overcook the wagyu beef. 

Blue crab hand roll
Iki Ramen Winter Tasting
Can't go wrong with this, can you?

Homemade shio koji ice cream
Iki Ramen Winter Tasting
This ice cream was surprisingly good. This is also on the menu so I've had it before, but the first time I didn't know what to expect from shio koji ice cream, but now it might be one of my favorite ice creams.

Overall our entire table loved the tasting menu and didn't have a single bad dish. While you can't get the tasting menu at the moment with this pandemic going around, you can get ramen and bento boxes to-go and enjoy them at home!

Iki is offering beautiful bento boxes with choice of beef sukiyaki, pork belly, or cod.
Iki Ramen
You can also get their ramen to-go and they will pack the components separately, including noodles (cooked if you plan to eat them that day, or uncooked if you're keeping it for longer), soup, chashu. I added the egg myself when I got home. It was pretty easy to do and they give you clear instructions! (Boil the uncooked noodles for 40 seconds)
Iki Ramen

P.S. Not pictured in this post, but my favorite ramen there is probably the yuzu shio ramen!

Iki Ramen
740 S. Western Ave #116
Los Angeles, CA 90005
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