Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Takeouts in LA: Wagyu Bento from IMA and Yazawa (Beverly Hills)

I meant to be blogging more when the lockdown happened, but well, it was hard to find motivation! But now I'd like to highlight some of my favorite takeouts that I've had over the past few months. I hope you guys are all getting takeout and supporting local restaurants when you can!

I've been ordering a lot of bento boxes, and two of my favorites came from sister restaurants IMA and Yazawa in Beverly Hills (the restaurants are right next to each other and pickup for takeout is at the same spot). Both of them are wagyu specialists that import their meat straight from Japan. Yazawa focuses on yakiniku while IMA does sukiyaki and shabu shabu. IMA is the only U.S. branch of Imafuku, which has a Michelin star in Japan.

At Yazawa, I got the tongue and harami bento ($35) but upgraded my rice to the wagyu garlic rice for $10 extra, which was really worth it. The meat was grilled, of course, since this is the yakiniku spot. That garlic rice was bomb! You can also opt for A5 wagyu meats instead of tongue and harami for more money, of course.

At IMA, I spulrged and got the A5 wagyu sukiyaki and some filet steak ($98). The slices of A5 wagyu sukiyaki doesn't look like much, but they really melt in your mouth.
All the sides in both bentos were also very good. I would highly recommend either place for your bento needs, and at each place they have a range of choices for the meat depending on how much you want to spend.


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