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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A List of GoFundMe Fundraisers for Local LA Restaurant/ Bar Workers

Here is another way for you to help hospitality workers in L.A. who've been affected by COVID-19 and all the restaurant/bar closures. Some GoFundMe fundraisers have been established to provide relief for the affected workers. Some were established by the restaurants, some by the managers, some are a group of workers who got together.

Take a look at the list. Perhaps you've enjoyed good service at one of them, perhaps you have a good memory at another. Perhaps you're just feeling generous. Whatever the case, if you can and feel like doing so, here are links where you can contribute. P.S. I tried to find as many as I can but I'm probably missing, so let me know what I'm missing.

Big Bar

Bone Kettle

Death & Co

Gelateria Uli



Here and Now

Here's Looking At You

Lock & Key

Lowboy, Bar Flores, Wolf and Crane , Adamae

Ma'am Sir

Melody Lounge

The Mermaid

Off The Menu is also raising funds for a number of their partner restaurants which include quite a number of restaurants from small or large including Lonzo's, Hyunghoon Tendon, etc.


Seven Grand

The Laugh Factory

There's also a fundraiser for 18 baristas working in DTLA

Monday, March 16, 2020

LA Restaurants that Offer Gift Cards

We all need to do all we can to support local restaurants during this shutdown due to COVID-19 outbreak to make sure they can reopen when this is all over, so I'm compiling a list of LA-area restaurants (SFV and SGV included) that offer gift cards you can purchase directly on their website. I personally think we should buy gift cards from these restaurants, but in the meantime order takeout from the even-smaller restaurants that don't even have the resources to offer gift cards.

Eventually I will order this alphabetically and complete the links to the restaurants, but in the meantime I will just list them. Have other restaurants to add? Let me know!

71 Above
All Day Baby
Baco Mercat
Border Grill
Broken Spanish
Citrin / Melisse

Craft LA (need to email them to purchase: )
EMC Seafood
Factor's Famous Deli
Faith and Flower
Forma Restaurant 
Here’s Looking At You
Il Cielo
Joy on York
Langer's Deli (OK, you have to call them because they are old school)
Little Fatty 
Little Sister
Osteria Mamma
Paper or Plastik Cafe
Papilles Bistro
Patina Group: There is a lot in this group! Check the link for a list.
Pine & Crane
The Tasting Kitchen
Tsubaki (can also be redeemed for Ototo)
Woon Kitchen
Scratch Bar & Kitchen
Simms Restaurants: Fishing with Dynamite, MB Post, Arthur J, Tin Roof Bistro, Simmzy’s

Alexander’s Steakhouse
The Arbour (call to purchase: (626) 396-4925)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Heroic Deli & Wine Bar is The Santa Monica Neighborhood Italian Spot To Go To

If you live or work in Santa Monica, then you need to know about Heroic Deli and Wine Bar. The place is divided into distinct spaces with the wine bar on one side and a cute communal dining on the other side.
On the deli side, I tried the OMG sandwich. The OMG is their challenge to Bay Cities' Godmother sandwich, and it's a great sandwich. It's served on freshly toasted ciabatta that had a nice crunch. Sure, at $16 it's more expensive than the Godmother, but it's filled with better quality ingredients (I shared the sandwich so only showing you a little piece here)
Heroic Wine Bar
The sandwich is made with Italian prosciutto, salame, capocollo, mortadella, porchetta, smoked mozzarella, artichokes, housemade giardinnaire, house roasted tomatoes, olives, mustard, mayo, and Italian black summer truffles.

I also tried quite a few dishes from the wine bar side over my two visits there, including:
Insalata di Granchio (Pacific crab, lemon zest and vinaigrette)
Heroic Wine Bar

Thursday, June 27, 2019

FREE Hot Flamin Cheetos Pork Belly at EIGHT Korean BBQ

Remember the eight flavors of pork belly at EIGHT Korean BBQ I wrote about here? Well, they've added a ninth flavor: Flamin' Hot Cheetos! And guess what, it's free with a purchase of the eight flavors of pork belly!
For the Flamin' Hot Cheetos pork belly, they marinate the pork belly in a spicy sauce, then after grilling top it some cheese and cheetos. When I went they were using Cheetos pieces, although I told them I think it would be better if they grind it to make a Cheetos powder so it can spread more evenly!

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