Thursday, June 27, 2019

FREE Hot Flamin Cheetos Pork Belly at EIGHT Korean BBQ

Remember the eight flavors of pork belly at EIGHT Korean BBQ I wrote about here? Well, they've added a ninth flavor: Flamin' Hot Cheetos! And guess what, it's free with a purchase of the eight flavors of pork belly!
For the Flamin' Hot Cheetos pork belly, they marinate the pork belly in a spicy sauce, then after grilling top it some cheese and cheetos. When I went they were using Cheetos pieces, although I told them I think it would be better if they grind it to make a Cheetos powder so it can spread more evenly!

They can also do the same with the kimchi fried rice that you get at the end of the meal now (also free with the 8 pork belly flavors), topping it with cheese and Cheetos.

If you prefer beef to pork belly, don't miss the prime rib eye! Since I haven't tried this before, I decided to order it this time. The prime rib eye is first grilled whole on the table.
Then they will help you cut it and torch it to finish.

I know you guys love Flamin' Hot Cheetos enough that Forever 21 is even doing a whole clothing collection on it, and we all love freebies, so head over to EIGHT K-BBQ


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