Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Want ... the Perfect Teamaker!

I'm in the middle of preparing for a huge exam, so not blogging much. Wait til the 27th! Then I'll start putting out routine reviews! In the meantime, I'll do one here and there :P

And now ....

I'm gonna whine and ramble!

This Teavana teamaker looks neat ... I want one. Need one so I can have my tea fix while working. Anyone wanna buy it for me? =P

Teavana Perfect Tea Maker, 16oz

Ever since getting into loose leaf tea, I've bought a tea strainer, a french press (don't drink coffee - purely for steeping tea only), and some chinese travel bottle with a built-in tea strainer. I'm not 100% satisfied with any of them and then there's the issue of having tea in the car or making it at work (built-in strainer in travel bottle leads to oversteeped tea).

Saw one of my professors with one of these things and I got gadget envy ...



you know, adagio teashas some nifty ones for a lower price. check out the ingenuiTEA :)


Ohh includes 4 tea samples? That is pretty cheap! Have you used it?

Jessica B

I'm admittedly biased, but... we've got a few great pieces for steeping loose tea, including the Tuffy Steeper which folds for travel & storage, or to keep at work, etc. Cheers to good tea & good eats!!


My ex had one of those tea makers. It was amazing. If I was the psycho type of ex...which I guess I'm not, I would steal it from his house. haha. Good luck acquiring one.

Food, she thought.

This is exactly the tea steeper I use. It's brilliant!!!


Stumbled upon your blog. What fun! The Perfect Teamaker in our house is the Timolino Tea Infuser, then I use the Timolino Travel Mug to take it to work. yes, I am biased to- my husband owns an on-line loose leaf tea company based in Napa, CA. www.drinktheleaf.com

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