Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Bazaar's 5 Year Anniversary Special Menu (SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills)

You may have read that The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a special $55 tasting menu until this Friday.

Well, I couldn't find what this menu actually entails online, but I went there for dinner last night and thought I should share the menu with you!
So, here it is. The $55 menu starts with pan con queso and pan con jamon, and three starters (chef's selection).
Japanese tacos (unagi in daikon) and jicama-wrapped guacamole
Then, you get to choose three dishes from the options below (click for larger view):
Bazaar Anniversary Menu 1
Bazaar Anniversary Menu 2
You might also get another plate courtesy of the kitchen. For me, they brought over the stuffed piquillo peppers (even though for whatever reason they wouldn't let me bring the leftover peppers home!)
Piquillo Peppers

Finally, you get a choice of one of these two desserts:
Plus, before dessert you'll get an "after dinner drink" on the house (it was a taste of sherry).
There's also a $20 wine pairing (3 tastes of wine).

Again, the anniversary menu will be there until this Friday. Enjoy!


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