Monday, July 28, 2014

Brunch at Boston Chops

After moving to Boston, I miss my food loving blogger friends, so I joined the blogger group Boston Brunchers for brunch at Boston Chops last week.

Boston Chops is a steakhouse in the SoWa area, but they're also known for their brunch dishes such as french toast and fried chicken. We couldn't resist starting brunch with some Island Creek oysters ($29/dozen)
I'm really loving this particular type of oyster and since they're from nearby Duxbury, MA, they're always so fresh and sweet in this town!

The restaurant sent out some Pecan Sticky Buns ($7)
Sticky Buns
I like that they've made it bite size and easy to share, no more trying to messily split sticky buns.

Housemade donuts with chocolate sauce ($7)
These are pretty much like churros, served hot with a rich, warm chocolate sauce.

There are a variety of Bloody Marys that you can choose from (one garnished with a fresh oyster, even), but since I personally don't like savory cocktails, I went with the Maple Berry Smash (bourbon, maple syrup, strawberries, basil - $11). A great day drinking option with a hint of basil.

I had a hard time choosing my entree, since the brisket and tongue hash sounded great, also. Finally I settled on the Surf and Turf (lobster grits, 4 oz beef tournedo, poached egg, lobster claw, hollandaise - $23)
Surf and Turf
If you are unfamiliar with tournedo, it is a round piece of beef cut from the tip of the tenderloin. I asked for my beef to be served medium rare, and being a steakhouse and all, Boston Chops did a good job with it. The poached egg was also perfect, look at that gorgeous runny egg!
The grits are usually served at the bottom of the plate, but since they happened to forget, they served it on the side.
Yes, there are actual chunks of lobster in the thick, cheesy grits! I actually preferred having the grits on the side, so that I can taste the grits' flavor without mixing it with the hollandaise sauce. Combined, it's one decadent dish to have for brunch.

Among other items recommended to us was the Turkey Sandwich (you can also add an egg on top)
Turkey Sandwich

I enjoyed my brunch at Boston Chops and still need to return to try the other dishes (that brisket and tongue hash is calling me now!). Thank you Boston Brunchers for organizing and letting me join in!
Boston Chops
1375 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 227-5011
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