Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fresh Fruit Juices, with a Kick

Summer is the time for ice creams, shaved ice, smoothies, and ice blended drinks! We heard that Eple at the 3rd St Farmer's Market at the Grove has great smoothies so we decided to give it a try. It's a chic looking place that seems a bit out of place at the farmer's market. It was right next to a Pinkberry and I heard it is owned by Pinkberry also.We went up to order, but it turns out that they don't actually have "smoothies." What they have is fresh fruit juices blended with a little bit of ice.

I love mint so I ordered the watermelon and mint juice. It was really refreshing and I like it better than smoothies since it doesn't fill you up with all that sugary yogury/sorbet. The flavors worked out really well! Watermelon is such a refreshing summer fruit, perfect for the summer heat. And mint is also refreshing and cooling. As the heat picks up I'll be craving this drink again and again, I'm sure.

They also had a special that day: the peach and mango juice (pictured to the right).

Their fruit bowls are very pretty and well-decorated and the fruits they used are great. But $8 for this?
I don't think it's worth $8 ... I guess you're paying for the looks. I'd rather go to the produce vendors and grab a bunch of fruits for a lot less!

I was really happy with my fruit juice from this place, and I'll definitely be back for that watermelon-mint one!

Third Street Farmer's Market at the Grove
6333 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA

(323) 933-9211

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