Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scoops: The Ultimate End of Summer Loot

Summer's almost over, and it's still hot. The only good thing about this heat is how much better it makes certain things, like icees, smoothies, and of course - ice cream! So it was time for me to check out Scoops on Heliotrope. (this is a backpost from a couple weeks ago - when it's even hotter!)

It seems like such a weird location. A small, cute place decorated with christmas lights next to dark industrial buildings on a small street. But it's known to be the best ice cream in LA, so the crowds still gather, sitting on small tables outside.Scoops offers a variety of flavors - from really unique flavors to dairy-free and vegan selections.
We ordered the large one - 6 flavors!! It was less than $6 and it ended up being 2 large full styrofoam containers! They are very generous and much cheaper than, say, gelato places!
So the flavors we got were:
Strawberry Lingonberry, Chocolate coconut, lemon mint sorbet, raisin and white wine, black sesame

(I didn't take a picture since we got it to go and everything was in a styro container with the lid on)

AMAZING! I felt like I have not had ice cream this good in a long time! The strawberry lingonberry was my favorite. Their ice cream is very smooth and creamy, their sorbey really refreshing. Their chocolate ice cream was wonderful - very chocolatey.

Of course, we couldn't finish it all so we ended up taking one container home. It didn't refreeze too well :/ (melted on the way home) but it was still very good. It's a bit far from my place, but nonetheless, mark my words, I will be back, even when it's no longer hot outside!

712 N Heliotrope Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 906-2649

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scoops is amazing. it's my #1 choice for foodie discovery. let me know if you're going again, i could give you some cool background info. I know the owner quite well (after frequenting the place for years and getting to know him over time).


I will definitely let you know! I would really love to hear the cool background info about that wonderful place!


feel free to email me:

weekdays i'm free after 7.

H. C.

I go to Scoops regularly, not sure if I'd call it my favorite of the ice cream joints; they have a lot of interesting and delicious flavors, but the texture & mouthfeel is a little bit off. Nonetheless, their vegan versions are pretty awesome and could've fooled me for being dairy-free.


I agree that perhaps the mouthfeel and texture aren't we we're used to but I would argue that it's because the ice cream is freshly made that day. Often we're used to ice cream being higher in fat content and firmer because it's stored for many days as such. Anyways, I can elaborate more when we meet there. But since eating ice cream at scoops, it's hard for me to eat old-fashioned ice cream like Fosselman's (even though I'll admit that it's still really good).


I tried Scoops after Burumun told me about it. Although she didn't go WITH me! BOOO! Man you didn't even meet me at all that day! Minus points for you now. =9

The good news is I liked the whole feel. It was really out there in nowhere land, but the girl working there was very sweet. We tipped her $2 and she was really grateful. Great find! ^_^

I will put up my photos soon... I promise =X

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