Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DineLA 09: Filet Mignon at Wolfgang's Steakhouse, So-so.

$34 for a 3-course meal that includes filet mignon. Sounds pretty good, right? That's what I thought and so I went to try Wolfgang's Steakhouse for the DineLA week - it was the cheapest of the steakhouses (no, Ruth's Chris is not even in the running) and seems to have pretty good reviews. I dragged Rumdood and Pepsimonster here with me.

I started with the lobster bisque.
The bisque was a tad too salty - maybe they had been heating the whole pot up all day/night long? I did find two bite-size pieces of lobster in it (ooh yay).

All three of us ended up getting the filet mignon (sounds like the most worthwhile!)
As always, I ask for my steak medium-rare. Here, the middle part was indeed medium-rare, but the outer sides were rather overcooked so I didn't start enjoying it until I get to the middle part. This steak was not as flavorful as we've had elsewhere. Good, not great.

The portion for the sides are generous. Among the three of us we got all of the available offerings: creamed spinach, german potatoes, and mashed potatoes.
Oh, and not only were the portions generous, they messed up and brought us extra servings of creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. But no, we didn't eat them (we didn't even finish the first serving). Spinach anyone?

For dessert, I tried the Apple Strudel
I thought this was okay - the pastry was rather soggy and it was served room temperature. They should've kept it crispier and warmer and this would've been much better.

Overall we were underwhelmed. The food was good enough as to not ruin the great company and we finished dinner just fine - but it definitely could've been better.
I guess we have to fork over more $$ for better next time? Like the $130 wagyu beef rib eye at Cut like Pepsimonster wants :)

Wolfgang's Steakhouse By Wolfgang Zwiener
445 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 385-0640
Wolfgang's Steakhouse By Wolfgang Zwiener on Urbanspoon


Wandering Chopsticks

That steak looks dry. Glad I didn't go with you. Don't worry, our 7 courses of beef will be 1/3 the price so even if it's dry, you won't have spent so much money.

Right Way to Eat

Yes, we got to hit up the true Japanese Wagyu! Let's do it!

BTW, seriously I'm not invited to another GNO? How do I penetrate the exclusive Girls Night Out? :P

Right Way to Eat

Oh, sorry about that.

The word penetrate is a poor choice of word. More like "crash".


Hmm, did you go to Peter Luger's when you were in NY? I think they're known for their porterhouses though. I wouldn't trust a filet mignon at dineLA prices


Pepsimonster: now, now you know I'm not the one to talk to about these GNOs. Kathleen's your guy (gal) for that!

Aaron: I did not ... maybe I can give it another try for the porterhouse sometime ... On the other hand, I feel like if they can't make a good dinner out of a filet mignon with that budget, then why do it? They should know their rep is at least partly riding on each and every dinner.


Wow. This looks so underwhelming. I suppose you get what you pay for? $34? Ruth's Chris' filet by itself is more than that! (and Ruth's Chris isn't even that great)

Next time, do go to CUT, I believe the Japanese Wagyu rib eye is now $160 however. It's worth it though. ;)

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