Thursday, October 29, 2009

Indonesian Street Food: Popiah Tiong Sim in Jakarta

Jakarta, like all other Indonesian cities, are filled with food carts and hawkers, and Pluit street is known for their selection of Medan/Hokkianese food.

Being from Medan, one of my grandma's favorite cart is Tiong Sim which sells popiah, a Fujian/Chaozhou-style spring roll made with a thin, crepe-like buckwheat skin.
Every popiah here is made to order, and it's quite something to watch the guy expertly, and very rapidly, build your popiahs.

The popiah skin is first brushed with hoisin sauce, then filled with lettuce, ground chicken (or any meat would work too - we're in Indonesia here so it has to be halal), fried shallots, and pickled jicama. Some places also add crushed peanuts.

Then he rolls, rolls, rolls, and voila!
The skin is so thin but the popiah does not fall apart. The flavor of the buckwheat skin really complements all the filling. Dip in chili sauce or chili-ed fish paste and you won't be able to stop eating. Unless you're eating with your cousins and all the popiahs are gone within 5 minutes.

Tiong Sim
Jl Pluit Sakti Raya no. 42
Jakarta, Indonesia



Yay for Jakarta street food coverage! Keep 'em coming, Fi. I know you just didn't eat popiah ;-)


For sure I did not just eat popiah ;)
Yup more will come!


I never met a spring roll I didn't like. Me. Want. Popiah.

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