Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nyotaimori, or "Naked Sushi." You've Been Warned.

WARNING: This post should be rated ... at least PG-13. NC-17 maybe.
If the thought of eating sushi off an almost-naked woman offends you, I'd suggest you stop reading this.
Oh, and of course: NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

I'd like to say I did it out of journalistic duty, but in the end it was mainly because I was curious.
(And maybe this is a good time to point out that I'm a girl, so you don't get the wrong ideas about my intention :p )

I had read about nyotaimori (a.k.a naked sushi, a.k.a body sushi) before, then again on Deep End Dining's post about it at Hadaka Sushi (now closed).

The thought of it is definitely wrong. Can one objectify women even more than using a woman's naked (well, almost naked) as a plate?

Still, when a certain friend asked if I'd like to go try it, I was curious enough to say yes.
No restaurant I know of is offering nyotaimori, so the event offered at something called the Asianmodelpalooza (for unknown asian models to break into the biz, from what I can gather. That biz.) seemed to be a rare chance.
Apparently though, it was provided by ... let's say a very specialized catering company, simply named Naked Sushi Entertainment. Subtle.
The person in charge said that you can actually get these services starting from $65/ person depending on the menu, the model you chose, and um, how nude you want her to be. Anyway ...

Sushi served on banana leaves on an almost naked girl (she was wearing a g-string).
Earlier I wondered if we were allowed to talk to her, but she (I believe her stage name was Akira Lane) was actually quite talkative and lively. That made me feel better since she seemed less of an object.
Getting close-up shots of the food was rather dangerous, though...

Food porn takes on a new meaning.
The sushi itself was surprisingly not bad. It was better than I had expected although I wasn't expecting much at all. Yes, a lot of rolls here and it's no Mori.
It's sushi that you can expect at a standard sushi restaurant and I actually enjoyed the spicy hamachi roll. The sushi was provided by Queee Sushi in Chinatown, although of course, at these events the sushi isn't made right there on-site, so it isn't as fresh as sitting at a sushi bar.
But, really, does anyone expect this to be about the food?

Now I can at least say "been there, done that."
OK, stop staring.

If this is your thing, now you know where to get it (I'd imagine it'd make a great bachelor's party.)
Me, I'm bracing myself, waiting for my mom to read this and call and scold me, for people I've offended to leave hate comments, etc etc.



OMG I bursted out laughing when I saw the upclose shots! lol You are one kinky gal ^_-

Guess we should've hit some "other" spots in Vegas when we went lol. It's cool that you got to try this, at least you can say I ate sushi off a naked woman! haha **don't know if you'd be blasting that info everywhere lol


Ah, you really posted it fast. I think it's a legitimate event to write up. So what if you did it out of curiosity, isn't that a huge part of journalistic duty?

Oh, also Akira Lane is a porn star. I don't know if that would make you feel better or worse. Maybe better that she's not any more objectified than usual, maybe worse that you ate off a porn star.


Aaron: It was an easy post to write! That's right, definitely journalistic duty! :P

I think the fact that she's a porn star makes it better... Eating off a newbie girl just trying to make money would make me feel bad, probably.
Gotta ask though, how did you know? ;)


I for one always thought this happened in the privacy of ones home, not a "spectator" event. Nonetheless this was the most interesting post i have seen so far today

-Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves


Bianca: I also thought it would've happened at least in a private room, but it was pretty open. I did think then that I could've gotten photos without paying the $100 :P


Knowing that she's a porn star definitely would make me feel better haha. If it was some young single mom who is trying to put herself through school, that would've been just sad...

Fiona, no close up boobie shot?! lol

Wandering Chopsticks

I was going to say that sounds like a porn star name. And umm, gross. I don't want to eat off a porn star!

My verification word is "spitylin." Bwahaha!!!


First Mariscos El Teto's, now Mariscos Las Tetas!

Fiona, come on, a disclaimer? Let it rip girl. Did you slurp sushi off her body?Hehe.

Next time it's your journalistic duty to eat full on nude sushi!!And, to invite me.

Christine Wu

Interesting.. but my germaphobic-self just shuddered at the thought of eating something that's served on someone's body (although it was actually on the banana leaves). Skin flakes..! You're my hero(ine) of the day for this :) And isn't curiosity one of journalist's great qualities?


that.... takes some balls to try. bravo to you!


The sushi is presented on things like banana leaves, which act as a barrier between the food and the model's body. So, no actual contact with the girl. There are places where if you touch the girl at all, the big guy in the corner with the dragon tattoos will let you know very quickly that it's frowned upon.

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