Friday, May 6, 2011

Heirloom LA Launches Food Truck

Heirloom LA is not just any food truck. Matthew Poley brings his experience working for Gino Angelini into his homemade pastas, his famous lasagna cupcakes, and everything else from a braised brisket to pork belly. Tara Maxey, in charge of the sweets, honed her skills working at Cake Monkey Bakery.
Heirloom LA Dinner
Heirloom LA started off as a catering company, so their food so far might have eluded many people, except for a somewhat brief stint at Intelligentsia Pasadena, but now you can find them roaming the streets of LA with their new truck, powered by Windows Phone. They held a preview party last week at Bar Covell, which I happily attended (lasagna cupcakes!)


Heirloom LA's food is market-driven, and everything is served on compostable bamboo dishes and cutlery.
Their farmer's market dinner ($15) consists of your choice of protein served with two sides/salads. I opted for the Mojave Desert Black Pig Belly served with potato salad and cauliflower carrot caponata.
Mojave Desert Black Pig Belly
$15 may seem high, but this is no cheap truck food, mind you. You can't get this quality of pork belly off of any old truck, with its crisp skin and its juiciness.

It unfortunately got too dark to take great photos later in the night, but we did have the wine braised brisket, which was unusually tender. They will also have some homemade pasta dishes and we enjoyed the chewy cavatelli with wild boar bolognese ($10).
Casarecce from Heirloom LA
Lasagna CupcakeOf course, they will also have a couple of the signature lasagna cupcakes on hand each time ($9 each). The night we were there they were serving Colorado lamb with mozzarella and pumpkin brown butter sage maple (interestingly my preferred choice, despite my carnivorous habits).

And don't miss one of Tara's desserts. We tried the Banana Chocolate Pudding Cake ($8)
Chocolate Banana Pudding Cake
A pudding cake - think of it like a chocolate banana bread pudding, but perhaps even more decadent than that.
Matt Poley working the "FOH"

The HeirloomLA truck will be at Bar Covell for Sunday brunch, Silverlake Wine on Monday nights, and Yamashiro Farmers' Market on Thursdays. For other locations, follow along their facebook updates or their twitter at @WPHeirloomLA. And yes, they will be doing Mother's Day brunch!


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