Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot Brunch at Playa

The promise of a free pitcher of Julian Cox's cocktail during brunch was all I needed to try out the brunch at Playa, John Sedlar's newest restaurant (thanks, BlackboardEats!). And I was glad I did.

Now, being a Latin restaurant (they call it "urban Latin"), you can expect a lot of kick in your egg dish. Spicy sauces abound, though not everyone.

I love tamales so obviously went with the Tamal (Cracked Corn Masa, Pulled Pork, Sunnyside-Up Egg, $12)

Pork Tamal
Yes, that is Clockwork Orange on the plate (part of his changing Reflexiones series). The sauce was pretty spicy for me but the egg yolks helped with that. A hearty and satisfying breakfast plate!

Oh, and make sure you get the Blue Corn Muffins made with Anson Farms Organic Cornmeal, served with a side Almond Butter ($6)
Not only were they cheap at $6 for 4 pieces, they are incredible. I have never had an unfilled muffin so moist with such a distinctive flavor. I'll be back for these. Over and over.
(Look, it's really blue inside! Or more like purple?)

I was joined for brunch by ShopEatSleep, e*starLA, and LAist's Lindsay.
ShopEatSleep ordered the Huevos Polenta, Lardons, Rajas, Calabacitas, Queso Cotija ($11)
Huevos Polenta
I tried a bite of this and liked the nicely poached egg and the touch of the cotija cheese.

If you're looking for something less spicy, get the Duck Hash with Weiser Farm Fingerlings, Peppers, 63' Egg ($14)
Duck Hash

Lindsay loved this dish and it might also be one of my favorites.

e*starLA went with the Croque Señor with Chorizo, Epazote, Quesos, Chipotles en Adobo ($10)
Croque Senor
This should be a Señora. Everything is better with an egg or two.

Oh, let's not forget the pitcher of cocktail. The Grail is basically a really fancy (and really good) sangria made with 12 year apple brandy, malbec, pressed lady apple, Don’s mix, cane cola, apple espuma.

It's a pretty strong "sangria" but so easy to drink. Two pitchers for four girls, gone. Just like that.

There was only one dessert at brunch and it is well worth ordering:
Sundae with Goat’s Milk Ice Cream, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Nibs, Blue Cornmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies ($10)
The blue cornmeal cookie is awesome by itself, but break it apart and mix it in with the sundae, then pour the hot chocolate sauce over it.
The key to this sundae? The goat's milk ice cream.

The brunch prices here are just right for us. The portions aren't huge but adequate and all of us left very satisfied. In his refined dishes, Sedlar delivers bold, hearty flavors without the heaviness of traditional Mexican/New Mexican food.

7360 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-5300
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LetMeEatCake Eat With Me!

i am dying to try those blue corn muffins!


i've driven by this place a bunch and wondered about BRUNCH. those muffins look pretty darn good!

H. C.

bummers I missed out on brunching & boozing with you gals! And can't wait to check out brunch there!


The brunch spread sounds unique and delicious. It's on the list!

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