Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mohawk Bend, Echo Park's Newly Opened, Extensive Watering Hole.

If you were keeping tabs on who has the longest list of beers on tap in LA, you might want to add Mohawk Bend to the list. Opened yesterday, this bar in Echo Park carries over 70 beers on tap, all but five are dedicated to California craft beers. They have a full bar which is also all-California, and a full dining menu.

70 Beers on Tap
For owner Tony Yanow and GM Paige Reilly, this isn't their first venture in California beers. They opened Tony's Darts Away in Burbank which also has a California-only beer list, and a local brewery is in the works.

The space was a theater, more than 20 years unoccupied. As you enter, you will see the open kitchen on the left, and the bar on the right.

The former stage in the back is now outfitted as an enclosed patio of sorts, complete with trees and a fireplace.

Mohawk Bend
Now, I can tell you about the beers they have, what breweries they carry, and all that. But I did mention they have more than 70 taps, mostly California, right? Which means that if you think of a good California brewery, chances are Mohawk Bend will have it on tap.

The cocktails that we tried are variations of classics, such as the Vanilla Daiquiri - a classic daiquiri but made with vanilla syrup. There are vodkas, gins, rums from the local Greenbar Collective, Wylie Howell whiskey (aged 3 months but still clear) from Northern California. The bar manager worked at Malo and has a passion for tequila, but alas, Mexico doesn't fall under the west coast category.
Vanilla Daiquiri
I didn't get to try a lot of their food, but the menu is both carnivore and vegan friendly from roasted artichokes to corn and crab fritters, vegan burgers, etc. When I return, I want to try the Dork Burger, just because of the name (Dork=Duck+Pork)! And because I'm a dork.
Corn Crab Roll

Mohawk Bend
2141 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(310) 339-7000
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What time were you there?!

I was there all night, it was pretty good. About the food...well, i'll give them the benefit of the "opening-night" doubt. haha.


I wasn't I was there a couple weeks ago for a preview night! :) didn't realize they were planning dinner so I had scheduled smthg and had to leave before dinner

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