Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blue Boar Pub (Hollywood): Stay for the Cocktails

The same man who brought you SmithHouse in Century City, Curtis Nysmith, has also brought you Blue Boar Pub (both spaces also designed by Spacecraft), a traditional British pub in the middle of Hollywood.

Blue Boar Pub
As this is a British pub after all, there are some (eight?) beers on tap including Dry Blackthorn cider, London Pride, etc, plus some "standards" (uh, Budlight). As the name suggests, the Dry Blackthorn cider is less sweet than the usual cider, and I recommend it. It turns out, though, that it's the cocktails that were the highlights of my visit AND, the cocktails are only $10!

I immediately fell in love with the William Wallace, made with Famous Grouse, ginger syrup, honey, candied ginger, angostura bitters. If you like ginger drinks, this one is a must!
William Wallace

Another good one is the Pimm's Cup made with Pimm's, strawberry, cucumber, mint, oranges, lemons and limes, ginger beer
Pimm's Cup


The food is naturally British pub food like Bangers and Mash ($9), fish and chips, etc
Bangers and Mashed
The fish and chips were pretty good although half of the batter had become soggy from sitting on top of the chips.
In the Chips and Curry ($5) the fries are dipped in a bowl of curry sauce, which isn't really spicy, instead of ketchup. Is this a common thing to do in England? I'm kind of liking them.

I think my faves were the Scotch Eggs ($6.50): hard boiled eggs encased in chicken sausage and deep fried. Served with ranch dressing and chips
Scotch Eggs
I mean, fried sausage and eggs? Who doesn't like that? I liked dipping these in the curry sauce too.

Chicken Pot Pie ($11): chicken breast, vegetables, in sauce supreme. Served in puff pastry square with smashed potato.
Chicken Pot Pie
When I ordered a steak pie in Scotland, it also looked similar to this: chunks of meat with sauces topped with a square pastry - instead of what I normally associate with pie. Well, doesn't matter as long as you still have both pastry and filling to eat. We also tried the waffle topped with bacon. The waffle itself did not stand out, but I liked the thick bacon that came with it.

The Blue Boar pub also has a fun game in one corner called Ring the Boar. Now, having never been to England (Scotland doesn't really count), I don't know if this is a game actually played there, but anyway, you swing a ring attached to a rope and try to catch the hook (the boar's tusk). Apparently, it's rather impossible to do.
Ring the Boar
The Blue Boar Pub is a cool, cozy space where you can watch or play a game (they have a dart board upstairs) with your friends over some beer and scottish eggs. For me, though, the stars were definitely the cocktails - and let's hope they stay at $10!

PS. 3Dog Cantina also will soon open right next to Blue Boar.

The Blue Boar Pub
1615 North Cahuenga Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 465-1750
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Oh I was supposed to go a while ago but didn't get to... that ginger cocktail looks delicious!!

The Kid

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