Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LA Vegan Beer Fest Returns May 12 (+ Last Year's Recap)

IMG_1785The LA Vegan Beer Fest, hosted by The Quarry Girl, Tony's Darts Away, and The Roxy, is returning for its third year on May 12. As usual, the festival will be held in the lot next to The Roxy on Sunset, and there will be plenty of vegan beers to cool you down from the heat.

For the $45 ticket, you get unlimited craft beers while listening to local bands from 1-5pm. The $55 VIP ticket gets you in earlier at noon. Proceeds from the tickets will be donated to the CA Wildlife Center and you can buy them here.

A couple of years ago, my reaction was "huh, beers aren't vegan?" But no, apparently not all beers are vegan since some use animal products like gelatin or fish bladder to clarify their beers! Lucky for the vegans, there are plenty of vegan beers. I went to last year's festival and most of the local breweries seemed to have been represented from Eagle Rock Brewery to Ballast Point to Lost Abbey. From hemp ales to pilsners to IPAs, there are plenty for everyone's tastes. They haven't release this year's list yet but more than 50 beers are promised.

There will also be vendors with food for sale should you want to soak up the beer.

Last year I fell in love with Seabirds Truck's beer battered avocado tacos. I never paid attention to Seabirds before as it is a vegan food truck, and I'm no vegan. Since they only have vegan vendors, I decided to try them anyway (they had good reviews) and I'm looking forward to having these again!!

IMG_1788Mandoline Grill is not normally an all-vegan truck but at this festival they're serving everything with their lemongrass tofu. I tried some of their nachos and really liked the lemongrass tofu so I decided to get some Goi cuon ($4).

Unfortunately you can't really taste it in these rolls, it probably needed more tofu. I'd recommend trying one of their other items instead.

Other than the food trucks, this year's festival will also feature Tony's Darts Away, Mohawk Bend, and Golden Road Brewpub.


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