Tuesday, November 27, 2012

13 Oysters, 9 Ways at Shuckers Oyster Bar, Fairmont Olympic in Seattle

Baked oysters
When I was in Seattle for the first time this year, I encountered so many oyster varieties that I have never even heard of! Oyster bars high and low end can be found all over town for you to discover these varieties. Venture out of your usual Kumamoto and Kusshi and try Olympia, Eld Inlet, and many others.

Shuckers Oyster Bar at The Fairmont Olympic hotel serves a rotating selection of 13 oysters, all of which can be prepared 9 different ways (they're all $3.25 each, $17 for a half dozen, or $29 for a full dozen). We tried some just fresh, of course, like the Malaspina from British Columbia, but you can also have any oyster a la Rockefeller, house-smoked, a la Olympic (baked with dungeness crab and bacon on top), or with Parmesan, etc.


Honey Ale
A neat thing currently going on at a few of the Fairmont hotels is that some of them have bee hives up on their rooftop and they use the honey harvested from these hives in their pastries and sometimes, beer. The local Pike Brewery brews a special honey ale just for The Fairmont Olympic using this honey, and you can try them at Shuckers! This was probably my favorite local beer I tried in Seattle, so be sure to try it.

Other than oysters, Shuckers serves classic seafood dishes like seared scallops and Orange-Saffron Glazed Grilled Wild King Salmon, although the oysters were definitely the highlights of our meal!

411 University St
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 621-1984
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Disclosure: this meal was hosted


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