Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Fall Menu at Public Kitchen & Bar (Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel)

Before Vartan Abgaryan exited Public Kitchen and Bar at The Roosevelt, he and Executive Chef Tim Goodell left them with a solid Fall menu.

I was there to try their Halloween eye ball cake pops but was treated to quite a feast instead, starting with a jar of very creamy burrata with bagnet vert and cherry tomatoes ($13)


We couldn't stop snacking on the Chicharrones with chili and lime ($8)

The various vegetable dishes are great for this season. It's the season for squash, so try their Kabocha squash, sheep's milk ricotta, pumpkin seeds, rapini leaves, pumpkin spice vinaigrette ($11)

The pumpkin spice vinaigrette was so good, this dish was almost like eating a savory pumpkin pie.
Kale, currants, pine nuts, pancetta breadcrumbs, garlic vinaigrette ($11)

Octopus, potato, apple cider vinegar, red onion, smoked paprika ($15)

A tender octopus always makes me happy! The smoked paprika sauce here is very flavorful without being spicy

There was one dish that seemed to no longer be on the menu online, and that was the halibut with chorizo, clams, saffron and rye croutons

Try the Spiced Duck Breast with crispy duck terrine, turnips, turnip greens, cranberry, duck jus ($24)
The crispy duck terrine is a special surprise treat! The crispy fried cylinder is filled with juicy duck meat, which went very well with the cranberries, cutting its fattiness.

For dessert they had a decadent pumpkin bread pudding. Get it while it's still in season.

Public Kitchen and Bar
7000 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 769-8888

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