Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner With a Vietnamese Touch, To-Go from Tiato Cafe

Tiato Cafe is a market and cafe in the afternoons that turn into a private event venue in the evenings, with the catering branch of House of An (Crustacean, AnQi, etc) running from the kitchen in the back. I've never been here before but the venue looked beautiful at night- they have the largest patio in Santa Monica.

Tiato Cafe
Naturally the catering service will have turkey and all the other goods available for to-go orders for the upcoming Thanksgiving (you can order using this form)! To promote it, I was invited to try them at Tiato. You can order the herb-crusted turkey and select which sides you want, but I got to try almost all of them and more in Tiato's lovely private dining room.

The main attraction is of course the organic free range herb crusted turkey with garlic gravy

Because the media dinner was prepared somewhat last minute, they said they weren't able to brine the turkey as long as usual, but the ones you would order would be brined properly and will be juicier (I thought the one we had was pretty good but will be even better if it's more succulent).

They offer turkey-apple sausage and leek stuffing and also one with gluten-free bread, caramelized onions, herb stuffing and garden tiato.

There's also potato cauliflower gratin and corn chowder. You can expect  standard sides like smashed yams with rosemary garlic, or haricot vert with water chestnuts, shallots, and ginger in a butter sauce, but there are also roasted brussel sprouts with roasted kale, almonds, dates, garlic, and lime wasabi.

Because of the An's family heritage, they offer Asian sides like the Mama's sticky rice with shiitake mushrooms, chinese sausage and chestnuts - this was one of our favorites so be sure to try this!

An's famous garlic noodles is also one of a side option. This may be what Crustacean was most famous for, with a recipe only family members can learn. It looks simple but it is easy to get addicted to the strong garlic flavors!

We also had the "Heavenly baked" ham with honey glazed oranges and pineapples, which was perfect with cranberry orange chutney (a late addition to the menu, $89 and feeds 6-8 people).

For dessert, traditional pumpkin and pecan pies

Again, you can order your whole Thanksgiving dinner using this form.

Disclosure: this meal was hosted.

PS. These restaurants are also offering thanksgiving dinners to go:
AMMO (whole turkey available, sides)
Auntie Em's Kitchen (prix fixe per person)
Huckleberry Bakery and Cafe (turkey breast or thighs per person, sides)
STREET ( tandoori turkey breast per person, sides)
Larder at The Tavern (whole turkey available, sides)
M.B. Post (sides only)


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